Sunday, May 23, 2010


I was just on the phone with a concierge from a local resort.  This is how a part of the conversation went:

Her:  So I want to book for 2 people on June 25th.
Me:  Okay, what time?
Her:  I dunno I was calling to see what times you had on that day.
Me:  6:00am, 9:30am, 1:30pm, 5:30pm.
Her:  Um... is it going to be hot on June 25th at 1:30pm?
Me:  Well... I suppose that depends on what the weather will be like that day.  It's generally hottest in the middle of the day.  So.  Maybe.
Her:  Huh.  Okay.  I think they want that time.

So on this week's "Seriously?!" with Seth and Jessica, I feel like saying, "Seriously?!  You are a concierge here in the same valley as me and you want me to tell you if it's going to be hot at 1:30pm on June 25th?  Over a month away, but I should know the temperature?  SERIOUSLY!?!?!"



My new job isn't exactly hard... but I feel pretty awesome because I'm doing well at it.  I believe I am a good worker at most of my jobs, but I excel when I'm working on a project.  A lot of the time the projects I work on are ones I've given myself... because I know if I get bored, I get lazy.

I finished a 23 page manual on our new reservation system today!  It seemed like a good idea to make one, since I'm training the two new girls on Monday and Tuesday, and this would give them something to reference.  I just started working on it because I knew it would be useful, and because I have experience writing manuals from my last job.

So I finished today, patted myself on the back, and printed the manual.  Then I went outside to ask my boss(es) if I could run to my apartment to get one of our many report binder-things to keep it safe.  My big boss, the owner of the company, said, "Is it a good manual?"  "I think so," I told him.  "Okay, we'll just take it to Staples and make it into a book."

Sweet!  It's going to be so fancy.  I wish I had made it pretty, but that's probably not necessary at a job like this.  Anyways, I felt good about it! 

After that, I booked a group of 3 adults on a trip that was half-full, less than a half hour before the float time!  That brought in a little more money, and it filled up a raft a bit more.  Woot!

Of course now I have 5 and a half hours before I leave... and I've finished all of my projects...  So.  Looks like I'll spend the rest of the time stickering brochures and watching Weeds or Buffy.

Time to make up a NEW project....