Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hormones can be so mean.  I was totally fine this afternoon, and then I went to work where I had to fix a whole lot of mistakes that I didn't make... not to point the finger or anything (coughcough).  I came home and my back hurt and I started to feel hungry and frustrated, and then Bryan came home to let me know that Cody, Kendra and Greg were going to come over.  They were going to make dinner so don't eat okay?!!

Except that what they were making was not even a LITTLE on my diet and would set me back DAYS.  I'm trying so hard to eat healthy, low fat options, with little to no meat and lots and lots of protein and veggies.  Which means I'm the lame one who can't go out to eat with her friends.  I know it will be worth it when I feel smaller and when climbing the buttes gets easier.  But for right now, it's lame.

Then, my back started hurting and I could feel my neck and head get all tension-y and before I knew it, I was pissed off.  Without any real reason to be.

Our friends left to pick up food and Bryan stayed behind to talk.  I broke into tears and told him I hate correcting other people's mistakes all the time and that my back hurt and why is my period so late I feel so hormonalllllll....

So he rubbed my back and let me vent and cry and I feel a bit better.  He told me I needed to take a bath with my fancy organic bath salts, the ones with the beet juice to make the water pretty pink and the cardamom and lavender.  I think he's on to something, that one.

I know that 95% of this is just hormones too, which is really annoying.  Who wants to be that girl??  "I'm sorry I'm vacillating between being a huge bitch and a cry baby, but I've got these tiny little hormones in me that are just straight up MESSING with my body right now.  Excuse me while I have a hissy fit."

So lame.  I try to be kind and not crazy and I hate chalking up my hang-ups to just "being a girl."