Monday, May 17, 2010

High School Butte

I hiked High School Butte today!  First solo hike of the season.  I'm hoping to hike SOMETHING each week.  So far I've hiked Snow King and now High School.  Eventually I hope to be able to hike Snow King easily; that will prepare me for some of the longer hikes in the park.

One of the really cool things about High School Butte is that it was mostly women hiking today!  And most of them were on their own!  That was really cool. Very empowering.

Jenna at That Wife and Mandy at OMGMom posted "Bloggers without Makeup" pictures earlier this week.  So, I thought I'd be brave and post one myself.  I know posting a picture of yourself not wearing makeup is TOTALLY not a big deal for some people, but I generally only post pictures where I think I look good and I've Gimped it.  So.  Here you go!

Jessica, without makeup, zit-tastic, a bit sunburned, sweaty, and on top of High School Butte.

Don't ever say I didn't give you anything.  <3