Sunday, May 9, 2010


I kick ass.  I know that's a bad word.  But.  I totally kick ass.

I ran for 45 minutes today.  45 MINUTES!!!  I ran slow so it came out to 3 miles, but whatever.  I am incredible.  I rock a whole ton. AND I've finally been able to do (about) a 5k!!!

My previous longest run was 27 minutes.  I totally kicked that wall DOWN.  And feeling GOOD about it!

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all those Moms out there!  I hope you feel loved and appreciated.

I called my mom this morning to wish her a happy Mother's Day.  She already opened her present earlier this week; I ordered something online (best way to buy presents if you ask me!  Easy!!!) and forgot to tell her not to open it.  So.  She got it on Wednesday.  What did I get her?

Oh I'm so glad you asked.

I got her a Woodwick Green Candle!

I love Woodwick Green candles, but unfortunately, Woodwick is discontinuing their Green line.  Super sad!  They still have their regular line, but it's not as eco-friendly.  It also looks way too much like Yankee Candle if you ask me.  See the difference?

See what I mean?  Still cute, but lacking that eco-look.  I like the Green line because of their frosted glass (so pretty!), their organic cotton label, their natural color, and their interesting scents, like Sequoia, Valencia Orange, and Anjou Apple.  I bought my mom the Lavender Hills fragrance, and I have the Citrus Cilantro fragrance.  The newer line features a sticker that can be pealed off easily from the glass (which is nice as it gives a cleaner look) and more traditional scents like Honeysuckle, Vanilla Bean, and Cinnamon Chai.  Either way, I would definitely recommend Woodwicks.  The wick is, get this.... wood.  Yeah.  The name sort of implies that doesn't it?  The neat thing about the wooden wick is that it makes a crackling sound when you first light the candle.  That goes away when the candle is actually lit.  My Citrus Cilantro candle has burned for about 10 hours so far and it's burned less than an inch of wax!  I'm definitely impressed.

Bryan had a hard time thinking of something to send his mom for Mother's Day.  She already HAS a Woodwick (she bought me mine!), she doesn't wear jewelry, she's not a scarf or purse person... She has a lot of nice things for her home already...

And then it came to me!  A year subscription to Real Simple!

I've gotten a few magazines over the years (ahem, tons) and Real Simple is my favorite so far.  Think Martha Stewart (without the "okaythat'scutebutIdon'tseethepoint" kind of stuff) meets Marie Claire (not just a fashion magazine!  Very feminist views and lots of articles on women in the developing world!) meets Readymade (without the "IunderstandtheallurebutIwouldnevermakethat" stuff).  It has lots of info on simplifying your life, being healthy, reusing/repurposing/recycling, and easy beauty tips.  I love this magazine.  I wasn't able to find it on super-sale like I have before (I've gotten it for $5 for a year!!) but it is still a GREAT deal for a magazine that's so good, I keep it instead of recycling it.

So those are the Mother's Day gifts we gave this year.  I usually like to make gifts, but I am actually really  happy with these ones!  I feel like my money is supporting good things.

So what about you??  What did you do to celebrate this day?  A nice card?  A phone call?  A gift?  Time spent together?  Whatever it was, I'm sure it came with a heart full of love and thankfulness.

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Last night we finally succumbed to Netflix.  In California, we had a membership at Spotlight Video, a local video store.  For $18 a month, we could have one video out at a time.  Some days we'd go back at least twice in one day for a new dvd!  We love watching movies, but especially love watching tv series on dvd.  No commercials!  Love it.

When we decided to move to Wyoming we thought about Netflix.  It seemed like a good idea but I thought it was a bit of a bummer to have to mail in a dvd and wait for another.  Then, Bryan showed me the beauty that is the Watch Instantly feature.  We could stream a TON of movies and shows without having to wait for the Post Office!!  FANTASTIC!

Last night we started season 1 of Weeds.

So far we really like it.  When they mention Humboldt we give a little 'woohoo!'  It's a clever show with an interesting storyline, and I really love the young character named Shane, who is a 10 year old boy with a huge imagination and a bit of a trouble-making streak. 

I was also happy to hear that I can stream all of the Buffy and Angel episodes that I want!  My sister-in-law Stac-face is going through them right now, and she's falling in love with Buffy.  That was my favorite show when I was in high school, and I've watched the entire series at least three times through so far.  I love Angel too, but mostly just the fifth season.

So yeah! Netflix.  It's pretty amazing.