Saturday, May 1, 2010


Bryan and I picked up a couch today from Browse and Buy, the local Episcopal church's thrift store!  Bryan thinks it's ugly but I actually like it.  We smelled it to make sure it wasn't too nasty, and then decided how much we'd spend on it.  "50 bucks at the most," Bry said and I agreed.

We walked into the store and asked the guy how much he'd take for it.  "Hmmmm, how about $15?"  "SOLD!!!"

Not bad eh??  I will take pictures of our apartment once it's finally done.  And you better believe I'll take pictures of our super-high-storage-area bed.


We're here!  In Jackson!!  We have a tiny little studio that would fit into my folks' living room, but whatevs it's OURS.  Okay, by ours I mean we rent it, not own it, because there's no way I would BUY a studio.  But it's great and we really like it.  We're trying to find room for all of our stuff.  We plan on putting some stuff under the bed and just raising the bed... but there's a possibility that we'll have to raise the bed REALLY HIGH to fit everything.  So high that I might need a little stool to get into bed.  But I'm okay with that, as long as our stuff is all out of sight.  It's super great to be back in Jackson, I love this town so much!!

We're trying to hook up internet, but at the moment I'm 'stealing' a neighbor's.  It's very slow though, and occasionally just turns off, so this is going to be a short post!  I'm just happy we're here!!!