Monday, April 26, 2010

Lake Michigan

You really need to click on the above picture to enlarge it and really see the beauty of this place.  This picture was made up of many smaller pictures to give the feeling of a panorama.

I am in love with Lake Michigan.  On the Michigan side, that is.  Bryan made a good point about the lake; if you can't see across it, isn't it a lot like the ocean?  True, it doesn't have as many cool animals in it, and you can't really find many shells on the shore.  However, it's a lot safer to swim in compared to the ocean off of Nor Cal as there are a good amount of Great Whites off of Humboldt's shore.  And, the water gets nice and warm in the summer.

I could definitely be content with Lake Michigan if I couldn't live by the ocean.  But I think I'll stay out west, thankyouvery much.

gives me a peaceful, easy feeling...