Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random cool thing of the day

Listen, this isn't all that interesting. But. I think it's hella cool.

Did you know you could use green onions all the way to the very top of the white part (right above the bulb) and then put the unused part bulb-side down in water, and IT WILL GROW BACK????

OH YEAH LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't that awesome??

Just a little thing to make your day better.


Even on a coldy, rainy day when I'm sick, it's nice to open up the curtains from the comfort of my bed, and to see this lovely scene!

Leaving California, Part 1

Last night was my last Girls Group. It was sad, and I cried a bit, I will admit it. It didn't help that I was sick and had a fever, which always makes me EXTRA emotional. I would have cried anyway, but it may not have been as ridiculous.

The ladies were lovely as always, and Rachel put together a yummy smorgasbord of snacks. We talked and played "Apples to Apples" and enjoyed each one anothers company.

The ladies gave me some going away presents too! How sweet is that??

First of all, the most awesome "goody bag" ever, a handbag by Humboldt designer Amy Lou.

How gorgeous is that? The actual color is a very pale ice blue, almost silver. It's so beautiful! Amy's shop is here if you are interested in her work.

As you can see, the goody bag is full of goodies!

First of all, this awesome thing. I admit I didn't know what it was at first. But now that I do, it's AWESOME. It holds your yarn when you're crocheting! You put it on your wrist and shove the yarn inside and voilaAnd look how cute the inside is!

You can find one at Chicken Boots Etsy store. Also a local Humboldt seller.

Some deliciously yummy Satsuma Body Butter from the Body Shop.

Some delicious chocolates from Venlo Chocolates. They make some amazing amazing chocolates. They're located in Old Town Eureka. Bryan got me some of their handmade chocolates for our first married Valentine's Day. EPIC.

A big ol' bottle of Lost Coast's Tangerine Wheat. If you like beer, especially fruity beer, you HAVE to find a way to try this. SO. GOOD. You can buy a six pack online at OC Wine Mart.

There was also a really sweet picture included and a very lovely card. Man. Those girls.

So yes, I was incredibly spoiled, and it was just so generous of my dear friends!!! If any of you ladies are reading this, I will miss you greatly, and I love you dearly. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful memories!


I'm sick and took a long nap this afternoon. Which is why I'm awake at (almost) 3am. Which is why I'm awake and just painted my nails a delicious dark dark plum. Which is why I'm awake and just painted my nails and cut my hair.


I'm sick. In more ways than one.