Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If you had.....

500 bucks, no strings attached, to spend on whatever you want, what would you spend it on??

Okay, realistically, I would spend it on plane tickets home to Chicago. But we're talking about frivolity here, folks! This is assuming that I can budget for plane tickets and this is just fun money.

Mad money even. Quick story: my grandmother always had $20 in her wallet for when things 'come up.' It was called mad money, and it was to be spent on fun, cute things, or for ice cream, that sort of thing. When she passed away my senior year of high school, her only son, my Uncle Craig, put $20 in this little drawer in her casket. She always had mad money on her, so it seemed appropriate.

Today is a crappy day for me. Work sucks, we're super short staffed, and I keep thinking of all the stuff I need to get done at the apartment. And at the Muhlenkamps', where we're currently living/moving. Bryan got off work early so he has to do all the work himself, which is lame. And it just got sunny and what I could really really use is a good run, get some of this anxious energy out and stretch my legs.

Alas. I cannot.

So instead I'm going to revel in some "window shopping" online, in between helping patients.

So. $500. How would you spend it??

I think of a lot of people would be tempted to get one big thing. My husband, for instance, would get a television. While I would love a nice big television, that's just not how I am when it comes to spending. Oh no. I want a vast array of stuff. STUFFFFFF.

To start off with, I think I would get these mugs from Anthropologie:

I already have the "J" and "L" mugs, so at $6 a mug, this would be about $145 dollars (we're not counting tax on these fake purchases).