Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Baby Niece

Well, Coly and Stu had their baby girl! Her name is Ella Marie Tucker and she is 7 pounds 9 ounces and I think she's 21 inches.

And she's adorable. Take a look! Pic from a phone, but I'll get fancier ones soon enough. Look at those cheeks!!! I cannot wait to meet her!

Natural Family Planning

About a year ago I started looking into Natural Family Planning (otherwise known as the Fertility Awareness Method). I was taking Yaz and doing well on it, although I did feel a bit sluggish and had gained more weight that I wanted. Bryan and I decided to switch from hormonal birth control to NFP within a year. I thought January sounded pretty good.

It was probably August or September when I started questioning Yaz. My brother, David, and I were talking about birth control, and he said that his wife, my dear sister Stacey, was feeling a bit hormonal/emotional on her birth control. Wow did I understand that!! The first birth control I used, Tri-Sprintec (generic Ortho Tri-Cyclen) did incredibly terrible thinks to my state of mind and my blood pressure. It was on Tri-Sprintec that I had my first panic attack, the first in a long line of such attacks. It was on Tri-Sprintec that my blood pressure shot up to 160/95 (normal is 120/80), and it was on Tri-Sprintec that I had ridiculous crying fits at least twice a week.

It was a dark time, let me tell you. And only a couple of months into our brand new marriage!

All that to say, when David mentioned Stacey's birth control, I said "well how about Yaz?" His response was surprising to me, "You mean that birth control in all those law suits? The one that's killed people?"




Not mine. Calm down.

I was woken up this morning by my dear honey bunny saying "Hey Jessers" to which I responded "It's not time to get up LEAVE ME ALONE ::growl::"

And he said "Baby, I have something to tell you."

I opened one eye. Slowly.

"Stuart just text messaged me to let me know that Nicole is in labor."

I will admit to squealing just a tiny bit. Nicole is my dear, dear sister. She is 22 years old and sweet as sugar. She and her hubby Stu, or "Stu-Stu" as Bryan and I prefer to call him, were married August 1st, 2008. They became pregnant a number of months after their wedding, and she was elated. Unfortunately she suffered a very sad miscarriage early on in the pregnancy. It was heartbreaking for all of us. I cannot imagine exactly how she or Stu felt. To go through such a thing is too painful to full imagine.

I remember finding out that she was pregnant with this little baby. I was so, so, so happy for her!! She was further into the pregnancy when she revealed it to the family this time, and I remember praying fervently that she would have a safe and happy pregnancy.

I was able to see her in her seventh month at Christmas, and she absolutely glowed! She is such a cute prego. Big ol' baby bump in front, and looks so not-pregnant from the back.

Jeaaaalllous. I KNOW I'm going to slowly expand everywhere when I get pregnant. I just know.

I heard from Stuart that she received the epidural about 4 hours ago, and I have been anxiously awaiting news since then. I know Nicole was nervous about labor, but I know she will do amazing things. I am so proud of her and Stuart. They are such a sweet and loving couple, and I know this little will be born into a family full of love, fun, and compassion. They will love and spoil this little girl like none other; she will truly be their treasure.

I will post a picture of the new family as soon as I see one. Love you Coly! Love you Stu! Love you yet-to-be-named Baby Girl!