Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Pioneer Woman

I am a bit obsessed with the Pioneer Woman. Who is the Pioneer Woman, you say? Well click the link and be prepared to be obsessed along with me. She's this gorgeous gal who lives in Oklahoma with her 4 kiddos (she calls them her punks) and her super dreamy rancher husband (who she calls Marlboro Man). She has a hideously romantic story about her and her hubby (seriously, read it, but be prepared to wish your husband/boyfriend/that guy in class that's sexxxay wears chaps), and her kids are adorable, and she's an amazing cook/photographer/homeschooling mama who will charm the pants off you and make you feel inadequate.

But she just seems so darn nice that you really don't care. You also don't care that she's successful and has money for pretty things, and that she has a great body for a mother of 4, and that she does everything better than you.

You try not to care, at least.


So anyway, I was checking out her website this evening and on her cooking page, she linked to a recipe for Spaghetti Squash. Apparently, this is a real thing.