Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day doesn't mean all that much in the Lords Family. At least in THIS Lords family; there are quite a few and I cannot speak for them all. We "celebrate" on February 10th, since it was the day we got engaged three years ago.

We made dinner and it was way too garlicky. I think I mentioned that. I made Bryan a little gift that he liked, and it was free, which was nice. I cut up some grey cardstock into tiny strips and wrote some reasons I loved him on them, and then I curled them up and put them into an 8 oz mason jar. He immediately said "so I can pick a new one out every day!" which was cute, since it's what I was thinking. However, I probably wouldn't have the will power to ONLY pick one every day. And every day since I gave it to him I've asked "so what was today's reason? Huh? Huh?" and he tells me "You're the one who wrote the reasons, you know them!" He thinks it's silly that I always want to see him read them. But that's just how I am.

One of the reasons I love my hubs is that he really does take care of us.