Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Shopping Trials and Tribulations.

Okay. This is serious guys.

I just realized that, as of April, I will be at least three hours away from the closest Target and Victoria's Secret.

This shouldn't seem like a big deal. It's not, really. Except that I loooooove those stores. I don't even buy much from either of them, but they have occasional great great great deals! And I LOVE a good deal.

Especially on undies. I loooove buying undies.

Especially since, in preparation for the move, I have gone through my clothes and thrown out what was gross or whole-y, and donated/exchanged what is still good.

I am very low on undies!!!! And I realize that I have a lot more thongs than I thought. Which is okay. But I'm really a bikini girl through and through. Especially if it's cute and has lace somewhere on it. I LOVE lace.

So I've decided that I have to scour the internet for the next month and find as many free undies coupons as I can. I got a free lacey thong last week, and I got a coupon for a free lacie hiphugger this week. The thong was "no purchase necessary" but the hiphugger requires a purchase. They have lotions on sale for 3 bucks though, so it's still cheap for a full-sized lotion and a pantie.

But yes.

My underwear mecca will be no more. The closest one will be in Idaho Falls.

Don't cry for me, pantie kingdom. I swear, I've always loved you.