Monday, February 1, 2010

Favorite Jackson Pictures

Just a few of my favorite Jackson pictures....
Jackson in winter, January 2007

Things to Look Forward to...

So I'm posting like crazy today, because work is really really slow, and they blocked Facebook. Whatcha gonna do, eh?

On Saturday Bryan and I ate out at Rita's (our favorite Mexican in Humboldt) to celebrate a stupid contest that we made up that we won the night before (each of us drinking 1 gallon of water before bed). While we waited for our yumsciousness (Super burrito with carnitas for me, torta for Bryan) I tried to engage Bryan in conversation regarding what he was looking forward to in Jackson this summer.

An Unfinished Beauty

At Catalyst we're going through a series called "An Unfinished Beauty" which is sort of an overview of everything that the leadership of Catalyst Church believes. I have really enjoyed it so far and will post the podcasts when they come out. Here's a little taste of the first one, though. I love how it reads like poetry. I remember reading "The Singer" trilogy by Calvin Miller when I was little, as my dad really loved it and pointed it out to me. This reminded me of that.

C25K Week 2 Day 3, and some ramblings

So I am really not doing well at getting these done right after my run! Goodness!

Okay. Recap.

I did my third run of Week 2 on Saturday, and it was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. It definitely gets easier after you've done the first run for the week. I even did a little bit of a "heyyy, how about I go run in the grass over there.... pretend to not realize you're running past a homeless camp... woohoo!"

So the next morning I get up at a reasonable time (noon, ahem) and weight myself, and I AM A POUND HEAVIER THAN WHEN I STARTED RUNNING.