Friday, January 15, 2010

When I have a bit more time (hahaha, like that will ever happen) here are some things I would like to accomplish:

Read "The Pursuit of God," "How to Speak of God," "Red-Letter Christian"

Learn how to can

Work my way up to being able to run a 5k, and then a 10k

Sew more

Crochet a blanket for Bryan and I, instead of for all these babies everyone keeps having! :)

Get an actual blog going that has some sort of concentration. I love this blog and my livejournal, but they don't really have a theme.

Plant a garden

Cook at least half of the recipes in my Pioneer Woman Cookbook

Learn how to quilt

That's all for the moment :)

So this is the new year...

Well, we're two weeks into the New Year, and I'm finishing my second week back from vacation at work. We had such a lovely time visiting Bryan's family in Idaho! We visited the family back in June, and at that time it looked like Bryan and I would be the only ones coming home for Christmas. But it wasn't that way at all! Stuart and Nicole visited from Rexburg, which was really fun. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Becca and the boys, Mason and Tyson, are moving into Nana and Papa's for the next six months until Jon finishes his contact at the hospital dental department in Oklahoma. I was bummed about what happened to Jon, but super excited to see Becca and the boys! And Jon came up for the whole week after Christmas! It was very nice. Not only that, but Matt and Becky came up from New Mexico to Utah for baby Scotty's blessing. We all trekked down to Utah to see him be blessed, and got to have a very nice lunch with the family. It was a great time all in all. We got to do a spa night with the ladies (Heidi was really the focus of the event; she's just getting to the point where doing her hair and nails is interesting to her) and it was a very fun and funny time. I know Heidi felt really pretty after getting dolled up, which was important to all of us as she doesn't always realize what a pretty, sweet almost 13 year old she is to all of us.