Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow Bunny? Very Funny.

Tomorrow Bryan is going to attempt to teach me how to snowboard.

I'm sort of terrified.  I've never attempted it before, and the idea of being strapped into a board going fast downhill is VERY SCARY FOR ME.  VERY.

So if I die... You are all welcome to fight over who I loved the most.


But as Bryan and Stacey have reminded me, there's a fabulous lodge with hot cocoa.  And I have my Kindle.  So I should be good. 

Yes.  I am already biting my fingers.  Yikes.  Fingers crossed.


  1. Just remember: on the first day you just won't go fast. Teewinot is a gentle hill (if you're at JHMR-- or are you going to Snow King??). Set a goal-- crossing the slope-- and sit down when you finish it. You'll kick its ass piece by piece.

  2. We're definitely going to JHMR; Snow King seems terrifying!! It's so darn steep!! Maybe when I feel a bit more comfy. I love the idea of just crossing the slope and then sitting!! Thanks!!