Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Single Life

Bryan has been in Salt Lake since Sunday, and he'll be back tomorrow, and then gone again next week.  Here are some things I've learned about myself when he's gone.

  • I HATE being by myself for long periods of time.  As soon as I get to work I talk and talk and talk and talk.  I feel like I just can't shut up.  I guess I'm just too much of an extrovert.  This is why I should never live alone (woot for getting married young!)
  • I do not make a lot of food when I'm by myself.  I've had soup for pretty much every meal but breakfast since Bryan has been gone.  Chicken noodle, tortilla, cheddar potato, and veggie ravioli.  Lots of soup.
  • I pretty much watch mostly chick stuff when Bry's gone so he doesn't have to "suffer."  Which means that I cry a LOT.  Watched the Pocatello, Idaho episode of "Home Makeover" since I got to see the house in person, cried.  Watched the episode of "16 and Pregnant" where the young couple gives their baby up for adoption (what a wonderful couple... they come from such trash but they are so obviously in love and they know they can't give their baby the life they want her to have... heartbreaking) and cried.  Watched some episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress" and cried.  Watched "A Very Glee Christmas" and cried (dude, Artie's present from Santa?!  SO SWEET).   I cry a lot at chick shows.  And now I'm watching Biggest Loser, so I will definitely cry.  I'm such a wimp.
  • I should NOT live by myself.  I don't mind having a night or two alone, but I just really like being around people.  
Yeah that's about all I could think up.  Sorry.

This week at work is WEIRD because our doctor had to get surgery on her wrist today, so she'll be out of the office until Wednesday.  So we're pretty much just doing side projects.

I love it.

Bryan comes home tomorrow and I won't have to live "The Single Life" until Sunday!

Also:  just started season one of "Mad Men" and I'm SO THANKFUL that I don't have to work as a receptionist is such stifling, chauvinistic environments!  Thank goodness for equality and political correctness!!!

But they do dress SUPER hot. The men and the women.  Both.  Hot.  The styling is AHmazing. 


  1. In the time between when Kristina moved out and my new roommate moved in, I pretty much had the place to myself for awhile. At first it was kind of cool, I didn't have to worry about being loud or being in the way, and it was just kind of invigorating. After about 2 days of that I started to get bored and mopey and suddenly I realized that I didn't do anything anymore but watch tv. And that is when I went stir crazy.
    So I definitely feel your pain! Hopefully Bryman wont have to be away very often after this next trip...

    Also if you haven't watched "Lie to Me" yet, you should. Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on netflix.

  2. Cheddar potato? You said something about cheddar and potato in soup. I want it. Now. Do you have a recipe? Can I buy it at the store? How soon can it hit my mouth? Not soon enough.