Sunday, December 19, 2010

Confession is Good for the Soul

I confessed something to my husband tonight.  Something about another man, one that I have a crush on.

Jason Schwartzman.

He's got indie-cred (which I used to think meant a lot when I was trying to be cool), he has bushy eyebrows and he knows Wes Anderson and he used to date Zooey Deschanel.  Total crush.

And while we're on the subject...

Ryan Gosling.

It helps that his blue eyes, dark blonde hair and scruff remind me of my husband.  I hated him in "The Notebook" (well, what I really mean is that I hated that movie) but loved him in "Lars and the Real Girl" and I think this song by his band "Dead Man's Bones" has a weird, awesome feel.

Zachary Levi

Bryan and I love watching "Chuck," and just LOOK at this guy's smile.  I feel like he's the adult-version of my high school/college crush on Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) from "The OC."  Slightly dorky but lovable.

Bryan and I were talking the other night about actor/actress crushes.  He's all about Charlize Theron and Jennifer Connelly.  I mentioned an actor (I think it was Joel McHale?) was hot, and Bry disagreed.  Apparently he's not "hot," but would be considered cute.  Apparently guys like Brad Pitt are hot, but the Zachary Levi/Joel McHales of the world are cute.  I disagree!  I think any of the above guys are hotter than Brad Pitt because they seem more REAL and they are funny and you just want to be buds with them.  That's hot.

And Bryan is hot because he's just the nicest person I've met, and he makes me laugh like a crazy person, and he looks amazing in Gap khakis.  He isn't "cute," he's so much hotter than that.

My hubs


  1. I may have a little crush on the last one on your list there...Look at that mischievous grin hes got going on there... :D
    Seriously though, I do miss you guys something terrible :(
    Are you planning to stay in Jackson over summer? I was thinking about putting together a graduation roadtrip out that direction...

  2. that is a pretty cute pic of him.