Sunday, November 14, 2010


Bryan and I tried a new church today, Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole.

Not sure that it's the church for us.

I'm really starting to wonder if we'll find anything that feels like home.  I know that it's a lot, asking for that "this is it!" feeling that we got at Catalyst.  And I know that if I had my wish, we'd find a church exactly like Catalyst here.  And I know that just isn't here.

But we're trying. 

Today I also weather stripped the windows in an effort to conserve heat.  Hopefully that will work.  I definitely feel like this was a short weekend, which it was, technically, since I worked on Saturday.  Hopefully I'll get a little more stuff done tonight and then take the rest of the night to just relax and recuperate for the long week ahead.  Tuesday is going to be CRAZY at work since we're doing free, walk-in Mini-Mental State Examinations.  Last year we had sixty patients, and we expect about that much this year as well.  It's going to be intense.

The snow was coming down earlier today but none of it was sticking.  I really want to put up pictures of our new place, but it's still a mess and we're still slowly unpacking.  It's been a pain, but it is what it is, right?

The view from our bedroom window, taken with my camera phone
The view about ten feet from our apartment, walking from the car towards the apartment
At least we live right next to the pretty creek.  That's really nice.  And when the lamp post (you can see the shadow in the picture directly above) is shining on a dark snowy night, it reminds me of Narnia.

I don't care how dorky that sounded, I really love it.

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  1. Narnia is Never dorky! And I love your back yard too! Wish mine looked like that! Although living a couple hundred feet from the church definitely has it's advantages, I would not choose it. Other than Kirk, church is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night. I would prefer a different view, like a mountain, or a stream, or another persons yard even. Just sayin... Mom