Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Place, I Can't Find Anything, Make Me Smile.

Our new place is slowly become more and more organized.  It's still a mess and we have no idea where most things are, but it's ours and it has our stuff in it.  And I put up my elephant picture, which is awesome.  We definitely need a slipcover for our couch, though.  But we're cheap and we have to save up a little cash for that.  And we can't decide if we want color so that it pops, or if we want a black or dark grey so that the elephant painting is the eye-catching thing in the room.  As soon as we're a bit more settled, I'll take pictures.

Since I have Tuesdays off, today was all about working on the house and grocery shopping.  I walked to Wells Fargo to meet Bryan for lunch, and I got to see where he works (yeah, hadn't visited him yet).  He has a really awesome huge desk and he sits right below a mounted buffalo head.  We walked over to Shades Cafe for lunch, which was really lovely.  I had a chicken carcass in the crock pot for about 10 hours today so I could make chicken noodle soup.  Apparently there wasn't enough chicken on the carcass... I tried it AFTER adding the noodles and veggies.  It tastes like nothing at all.  Which is sort of gross.  Guess I'll have to compromise and buy some chicken stock.  LAME.  I also organized some of our dry goods (pasta, beans, etc) into quart-sized mason jars and they are now living on the top of the cabinets (who makes cabinets that don't reach to the ceiling??  So much space just wasted).

So that was my exciting day.  Tomorrow is the first day at my job that I'm pretty much on my own.  I'll still have people around who can answer my questions and help me out, but I won't have a trainer with me tomorrow.  I think it will go pretty well.

Yesterday my car was dead when I went out to leave for work.  I thought it was the battery, which didn't make sense, since I didn't leave any lights on and I just replaced it earlier this year.  Bryan drove me to work and I walked home (yes, in the cold, uphill both ways... okay, actually just in the cold.  33 degrees, and I wasn't planning on walking, so I just had a light vest instead of a jacket.  Smart.)  Luckily I only live a mile away from work.  I'm going to try to embrace winter and walk to work at least once a week, at least while it's above freezing. Good exercise and all of that.

I had a dream last night that Bryan and I had a baby girl.  It was weird.  It seemed real, too, when I woke up, so I kept thinking that I had a baby and then realizing, nope, no kids for us just yet.  Surreal.

Want to know an instant cure for a blah day?  Google pictures of teacup pigs.



Any other HIMYM fans??  Love it when Barney uses a teacup pig to woo the ladies.  ;-)

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  1. I am still unpacking too and had to make myself stop! : ) Love the piggies...I always wanted a pot bellied pig as a kid...but teacups would be more practical : )