Friday, November 5, 2010

Just Breathe

This week has been ROUGH.  I started my new job, we moved, Bryan was gone for three days... It was tough at times, especially since I have to clean the old apartment by myself and move some stuff.  I worked all day then cleaned each night until about 11pm.  Not fun.

Tonight we're finishing the cleaning.  Last night after Bryan got home from his business trip to Salt Lake, he asked, "Do you think other people clean this well when they move, or are we just good people?  Do other people just not care about their deposits?  Because I feel like it always takes us days to clean an apartment when we move, and for other people, it's just one long day."

I don't know the answer to that.  Maybe other people just clean faster??  I do know that wiping down every wall, magic erasing every scuff, cleaning all the blinds, the baseboards, the heaters, the light fixtures, the oven, the stove, the cabinets, behind the refrigerator, behind the oven, vacuuming... it takes FOREVER, even when we live in a tiny little studio.  

I hate it.

So this is how I end this very long week.  Still cleaning.  And tomorrow we'll move the furniture we don't need from the apartment we moved into (it was furnished but the furnishings were gross) into a trailer which we'll take to Idaho, and then drive back.  I am hoping the afternoon will be a bit relaxing.  Apparently the Christmas tree that will be on the lawn at the U.S. Capital Building will be from here, so there doing a thing on the square in honor of that honor.

Does that make sense?

Either way, a high school student told me that the high school's culinary class will be making fresh, homemade spiced applesauce that will be piping hot and served on top of vanilla bean ice cream.

And that sounds pretty fabulous.


  1. Cleaning is suchhhhh a pain in the rear at the end of your tenancy!

    I remember a year and a half ago when Kristina and I moved out of a studio and into our 2 bedroom; it was the last week of the semester, then the new place needed to be steam cleaned so we couldn't move in right away, but the old place needed us out, and we both had the flu. We stayed up until 2 in the morning for two nights in a row to get everything packed into our two cars and my dads van while choking on ammonia (which surprisingly is NOT helpful with the flu). It was the move from hell. Then to make matters worse our summer school class started a day later. I am pretty sure we were ill for like 2 weeks because of that move.

    But we got the whole deposit back, so that was kinda worth it I guess.

    I always try to leave the place better than when I moved it, there are already a few choice spots in my current place that I have mental checklists to fix before I move out, even though I know they were there before :D.

  2. No. Most people do not clean like you do. I know because we see it all the time with the cabin. They might (read "might") sweep up the stuff that is obvious, and make it look good outwardly, but it is never as clean as mom and I leave it in the Spring.

    I think that says something, about you, and about them. It is not "their" cabin, or "their" apartment, and they have paid money to use it, so....

    I always think of the Statute of Liberty. When the artist oversaw its construction, he insisted they finish the hair inside Liberty's crown. No one wanted to, because who would ever see it? (airplanes were not invented yet) Yet he insisted that the job be done right.

    Character. How much character you have is evidenced by your actions. And none of it will be missed when we stand before our Creator, who did not overlook any detail in creating us.

    Love you. Proud of you.

  3. Mmmmm....applesauce and vanilla ice cream. That sounds exceptionally good right now.

    Sorry to hear that moving hasn't been great. Carting big furniture from one place to the other was always my least favorite part of moving. You never seem to realize just how much stuff you have until you have to pack it up.

    How did your first week of work go? Anything exciting happen?