Friday, October 1, 2010


There are those who love perfume, those who hate it, and those who only wear it on special occasions.

I am one of those who love perfume.  I wear perfume every day.  I don't necessarily wear it so other people think I smell good, I wear it because I love how it makes me feel.  In fact, I don't like it when people can smell it on me unless they're standing riiiight next to me, or hugging me.  I want just a waft of prettiness.  Right now, I wear Ralph Lauren Romance on most days.  I thought I'd just wear it on special occasions, but I just straight up love it, so I wear it.  I think it's an especially easy fragrance to wear in the summer, as it's clean and sweet.  
The scent is described as containing the following scents:  fresh rose, ginger, marigold, violet, oakmoss and musk. It's definitely my favorite.

I also wear Victoria's Secret Silk Mandarin Santal body splash... I'd post a picture but they no longer make it, so I couldn't take a pic off their site and I'm just too lazy to steal one from someone else.  I had some sachets with this scent, and I really loved it.  The notes you'll smell are obviously mandarin and sandalwood, but you'll also notice mimosa, honeyed musk and white woods.  Unfortunately, the body splash lasts for about five minutes and then dissipates.  I've never had a body splash with such little staying power!  I use it occasionally when I just want to smell it myself, but don't expect that others will ever smell it.  More than not, I use it as a pillow spray.  I'm a huge fan of sandalwood and woodsy perfumes, so I wish it would have had more staying power... and that they still made it.  

The last perfume I have is Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Sheer Mist.

 I've worn this since high school, so it's sort of my standby fragrance.  I really do like it, but it's a very popular scent, so a lot of gals wear it.  And it's inexpensive, so you're most likely to smell it on people, especially since it's from Victoria's Secret.  This scent is classified as a "floral oriental" and it has the essence of capucine (a flower of some sort), pepper, cactus flower, clementine, camellia, hydrangea, mimosa, vanilla orchid, musk, soft woods, blackberry and white amber.  Wow, that's a long list.  I definitely still keep this perfume around, but it's not my go-to perfume anymore.  

I went on One King's Lane tonight to check out what they had going on, since I had $30 in free credits.  I had been waiting to see if they had something cute that we could use to decorate our soon-to-be apartment with, but lately they've had stuff that we either don't need, or stuff that's pretty pricey.  They had some awesome Sigg bottles, but we both have two aluminum water bottles already.  They had some cute vintage world-globe decorative spheres, but we already have quite a bit of what Bryan calls "knick-knacks."  So I found something that's less for the home and more for me; a brand new fragrance.

Buying a fragrance without smelling it is always a tricky thing to do.  How do you know if you like it?  Luckily, this fragrance was totally free (including shipping; the credit covers that as well) so I figured it wasn't a loss if it wasn't my cup of tea.  The perfume is on sale for $19, down from $38.  The brand is Le Cherche Midi, which apparently means "found moments" or something of the sort.  The idea behind their fragrances is that the fragrance is supposed to represent a moment, or memory.  They have candles, scent cubes (like reed diffusers without the possibility of spilling) and eau de toilette.  And once again, if you sign up here, you'll get $15 credit that's good for 6 months.

I ordered Le Cherche Midi #9, which is described on their website as telling "the story of exotic travels where the pleasures of cashmere throws, silk robes and cognac neat are brought together under a blanket of amber light."  It's also described as being reminiscent of a boudoir where two lovers are "sharing their time together."  Seriously, that's what the gal describing the scent says.  Sounds pretty darn sexy to me.  The scents involved:  lemon meringue, lily of the valley, night blooming jasmine, whipped lavender creme, patchouli, soft amber, sandalwood and vanilla absolute.

It comes in a pretty wood box as well.  I'm definitely hoping that I like it; it sounds very sensual, and I'm hoping the woodsy smells of the patchouli, amber, and sandalwood stand out.  Either way it was free, but I'm really hoping to enjoy it.  I'll let you know.  ;-)

What perfumes to you, my dear readers, where?  Or are you not into perfume at all??  Bryan doesn't wear cologne ever, just aftershave (occasionally) and deodorant.  I like him like that, but I'm still a perfume girl.  What about you?  Any recommendations?


  1. I don't wear perfume that often. I have a coworker that is very sensitive to scent, like my mom used to be so I keep it light. but in the winter I need a moisturizer so I use a lot of Bath and Body Works creams with a scent. the have so many different kinds! lately Ive been using eucalyptus and spearmint as well as sandalwood rose. I just got more Sensual Amber and a couple of new ones to try. some are little so maybe I will bring them to Myrtle. Only three weeks!!!

  2. I love the eucalyptus and spearmint - it's almost masculine, but not quite. I love that. Sandalwood rose is always a fave of mine, but it can border on a little too floral for me, so I tend not to wear it outside all that much. Sensual Amber is yummy but we had one of those plug-in room fragrances from Bath and Body so now I associate it with a room scent not a person scent. Silly, huh??

  3. Ugh, I've always hated perfumes. But I guess it's to your credit that it's never crossed my mind that you smell like anything in particular, much less bad. :) Subtle must be key.

    It does make my belly leap a little, though, when I can smell a slight aftershave on a man-- just because he was thinking about impressing me, I think. And I love natural room scents like sage and light incense.

    In middle school, I wore cotton candy perfume. Ohhh yeahhhhh.