Friday, October 1, 2010

List of whatevs

1.  I had an interview today at the hospital.  I'm pretty sure I've got the job.  I have an interview with one of the doctors on Wednesday.  I'm being considered for two positions, and I'm pretty sure I'm the only person being considered for the one position (the one that I really want, working front desk at the cognitive health center).  Booyah.

2.  I was offered two jobs today, neither of which I want.  I have a hard time saying "no," so I asked if I could have the weekend to think the offers over.  Not sure why, exactly.

3.  I got our new luggage set in the mail today.  4 pieces for 30 bucks plus shipping.  Juuust in time for Myrtle.

4.  Did anyone see last night's 30 Rock or Big Bang Theory?  Hilllllarious!!!!

5.  I really need some work clothes.  I've worn the same outfit to all six interviews that I've been to in the last two weeks.  Seriously.  Need.  Clothes.

6.  Have you had Sun Chips since they changed their bag to the new biodegradable kind?? It's so noisy that it's FUN.  And DELICIOUS.  The chips are delicious, not the bag.  Ew.

7.  Have you seen the movie "Outsourced?"  It has some cliches, but it's a great movie!!  Much better than the new tv show that came out based on the movie, in my opinion.

8.  I miss Molls, and I wish she still lived here so we could hang out at a moment's notice.

9.  Kati just texted me to let me know she'll be in town this weekend, which makes me super duper happy.

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