Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello Lover

Bryan mentioned the Kindle to me the other day...

And now I'm incredibly intrigued.

Amazon Kindle
Ohhhh yes, you can read books anywhere and everywhere.  There are quite a number of books you can download for free; most books are under $10.  The Kindle weighs less than 9 ounces, which is very cool.  And this new version, which uses Wi-Fi, not 3G, is only $139. 


Bryan totally thinks I should get it.  I do have some birthday money, and I won a $25 gift card for reviewing products online.  So that would pay for a lot of it.  And Bryan thinks it's awesome and techy and he wants me to have it (partially so he can borrow it).

So.  What do you think??  Does anyone have a Kindle that they can give a review on??


  1. My mom is getting my brother one for Christmas....I'm jealous.

  2. Jason has one since a lot of his reading is posted online in PDF form. He discovered that his online textbook is not readable from the Kindle and the PDFs are not perfectly formated so he has to scroll around to read everything on the page. I think in general he likes it (maybe I can get him to comment). It is a sweet deal though, and being able to fit 3,500 books in something smaller than a piece of paper is pretty stinkin' awesome.

  3. I got one a month ago and I love it! It is really, really cool. Super slim and versatile, and the battery lasts a really long time. You can even get on the Internet with it (but it isn't exactly lightning fast at that). I got the 3G+WiFi version.

  4. I totally don't get the point.

    1. What's wrong with reading real books? With going to lovely Teton County Library? There's no good reason, to me, to burn coal/natural gas every time you want to read a few pages. And that's what electricity is. With a book, sure, you kill a bit of a tree. But then it's around and you always have it and can share it with your friends. It'll also decompose easily if you'd like, and trees are renewable.

    2. On the techno side, why get a Kindle if you could get an iPad? You can do more for the same general format-- it's like having a laptop, only slimmer. I told you about my dad and that goddamn iPad... he's obsessed. Everyone I know that's had a Kindle is enamored at first... and then gets super bored. Like, they still read the magazines in the waiting room instead. Why? I think there's something really valid about holding actual STUFF in your hands.

    Just some Kati-thoughts.

  5. I don't have the Kindle - but I do have the Nook and I love it! I didn't think I wanted it but my hubby got it for my birthday and it is fabulous! I use it all the time- way more than I ever thought I would.