Sunday, October 10, 2010

Haircuts, or one of the weird things I have issues paying over $20 for

Awhile ago I read an article in Marie Claire about a $1,000 haircut, which is just ridiculous.  The article pointed out that you're given flip flops and an extra soft terry cloth robe (which you keep, what a steal, eh??), that you can order sushi, Starbucks, whatevs, and that tips are not accepted (what a saint). 

The article goes on to mention how the hair stylist really knows her stuff:  she spends time looking at the condition of the hair AND the scalp, and she carefully chooses which oils and acids to apply and where.  She creates her own gloss treatment and is all about pampering.  At the end, the haircut looks nice, but it also looks a LOT like haircuts I had in college.


This is the gal who received the $1,000 haircut:

Here's a really bad picture of my haircut from my junior year of college:

Overly excited me, Fall 2005.  Roommates got chopped out because I love them enough to do so.  You're welcome.
Pretty similar hairstyles, except that mine cost $15 and was done by Tina, a wonderful woman originally from Russia - Spasibo, Tina!

So I had a difficult time paying a lot for a haircut. The last time I got a haircut was last Fall in Humboldt.  The boy who cut it was named Tyler and he was the cutest, gayest hair stylist I have ever had.  He kept walking circles around me, picking up bits of my hair and saying things like, "oh my," and "ummm.... hmm.  Okay."  He did NOT like my previous haircut (neither did I).  He took a long time cutting and styling my hair, and it was worth the $35 cut (which is hard for me to say since it was the most expensive cut I have ever gotten).  I still didn't go back to him, because it was hard for me to spend that much on a haircut.

So, once again, I've taken to cutting my own hair.  I've been doing it for almost a year now, and it's not AHHHmazing, but it's not bad.  If you have long, pretty much straight hair, it's not hard, and it will save you cash.  Even if you just trim it in between 'real haircuts,' it's an easy way to save cash.

I do not recommend it for those with curly hair or short hair, however.

Just don't do it.

But I cut mine tonight and I feel like it came out pretty well.  Maybe I'll take a picture tomorrow... although (SPOILER ALERT!!) it pretty much looks like this:

When I cut my hair this April


  1. You did a pretty good job. I'm impressed.

    I'd be terrified to cut my own hair though. Not the back, that's pretty much just a straight razor boy's cut. But the front I'm fairly confident I would mess up big time. Thankfully hair cuts up here are only 12 dollars for women and 10 for men, so it doesn't break the bank for me to go once a month. Dave insists on cutting his own hair though, and even bought this fancy-schmancy razor so he could do it himself.

  2. Yeah, what happened to Patty and Teton Barber?!? It's cheap... and it's worth it. You hear town gossip, become part of the community. Some things are priceless. :)

  3. I was going to get a haircut there yesterday and there were just dudes, so Bryan got his hair cut instead... and the dude TOTALLY gave him a military cut!!! I do NOT like it, and Bryan's not crazy about it either. I'm ready for it to start growing NOW. I think I'm going to make him take my biotin supplements to encourage it to grow faster.

    No joke.

    And last night I just thought, "eh, I'll go to Patty in a few months" and cut it myself.

    It is fun to cut your own hair. :-) I'm sure Patty will do a better job when I go to visit her.