Saturday, September 18, 2010

Project 365390840? NO.

So I've given up on my Project 365.  I just won't like it enough to keep doing it, so, there ya go.  Apparently I'm not good at committing to daily things like posting pictures, or washing dishes.  What can I say?  I shower every day, and I'm pretty sure that's something to be proud about.

I had the lovely pleasure of talking to Ms. Kati Standefer yesterday and Ms. Monica Prus (soon-to-be Ms. Sykora) today.  I miss my friends!  I'm really hoping I find good friends here in Jackson, and that I can have a community that I feel connected to in this town. 

Today there's a HUGE yard sale going down at Snow King.  I literally work less than a block away, but I'll be in the office all day.  I keep imagining the things they may have... I'm looking for a light fixture/chandelier.  I want to paint it black and put it in the kitchen in our soon-to-be new apartment.  We're planning on moving our black and white photo collage into the kitchen.  I wish I had a picture our what our wall looks like now, but I don't.  There's a good amount of black and white pictures.  I like it.

I'd like to replace the light fixture in the kitchen.  In fact, I'd like to replace the light fixture several places in the apartment.  It's a dark apartment to begin with; the walls are a medium cream when they should really be either a very light cream or white.  I'm thinking something like this for the kitchen:

Ikea Molnig Chandelier
or this:

Overstock's Metal Web Chandelier

Ikea has these very simple, sheer curtains for $5 a pair... I feel like I could do something cool with them.  Maybe a sort of canopy over our bed?  Some sort of draping around a sofa?  I'm not sure.

Ikea Lill curtains

I keep wanting to buy stuff for the new place, especially with these garage sales going on right now.  Realistically, we have no place to PUT the new things, so I'm (once again) getting ahead of myself. 

I can't wait for the day that we actually BUY a place so we can paint, wallpaper, do whatever we want.  That would be AWESOME.  As for right now, I'm considering buying a HUGE canvas drop cloth and either 1. painting it a solid color and hanging it on the wall or 2. painting aspen trees on it and having it as sort of a mural.  

Does anyone have any cool design ideas for making a smaller, dark apartment seem bigger and cute?

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  1. "I can't wait for the day that we actually BUY a place so we can paint, wallpaper, do whatever we want. That would be AWESOME."

    the technical term for this is "nesting" but I prefer to think of it as "working and caring for" the garden God put us in. :)