Sunday, September 19, 2010

My fancy deal of the day

Anyone who reads this blog KNOWS that I love a good deal.  It's genetic.  My folks are amazing bargain shoppers and they have passed down the bargain gene to me.

So I mentioned winning $20 on My Coke Rewards the other day.  $20 gift card to Sears/Kmart, not bad!  I also wrote five reviews for things I've bought at Kmart, and had Bryan do the same, so we should each be getting $5 gift cards for that.  That's $30 bucks right there for doing verrrry little.

I was planning on getting a sofa slipcover or something... super exciting, I know.  Then I spoke with a woman yesterday who told me to take a look at LandsEnd, and mentioned that they are now a part of Sears/Kmart.  She said she got a good deal on a rain jacket from them recently, and that I should take a look at their selection.

I did.

And I found this:

Fancy!!!  $50 for a 650 fill down jacket!  And it's water resistant! With pit zips!!

I almost got this one:

This one looks similar to Patagonia's down sweaters, and the price is AMAZING.  However, the SnowRoller has a warmer rating, and supposedly should keep me warm in -30 to -5 degree temps, whereas the SnowPack is -10 to +15 degrees.  I like that the SnowPack is super lightweight, but I think I'll be able to wear the SnowRoller by itself as well as under my hardshell, which is awesome.  Both jackets pack into their own pockets, which is very nice. 

So I got a 650 fill down jacket for, essentially, $20 (I got free shipping too).  I haven't gotten my Kmart cards yet, but I wanted to make sure I got this deal, so I ordered it today in the blue you see above.  I almost went for gray... I sort of have an obsession with gray.  But my hardshell is gray, and blue will show up a bit more in the snow.  I also like the darker chevron in the front - it has a cool retro vibe.

So that is my fancy deal of the day.

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