Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jobs, Wishes, Wants.

My dad told me that my blog has been boring as of late.

Which it totally has.

In fact, I wrote a really interesting (in my opinion) post a few days ago... but not for my blog.  It's a guest post for Geek in Heels for when she goes into labor.  Yep.  Too lazy to write on my own, what can I say?

But here is a piece of good news:  Bryan is now a Personal Banker at Wells-Fargo, and I'm super excited for him.  Some of our co-workers were all "uhhh corporate America, blah blah blahhity blah..." but WHATEVER it's a good job and it's not like these rich hippies are going to just hand him money.  Amiright?

The job is a half mile away from the apartment we'll be moving into in November, which is rad.  He's going to walk to work since it'll be faster than shoveling off the car and warming it up and THEN driving it.

I applied for (2) jobs this week.

One I really don't want.  They don't pay much at all.  Sounds super duper stressful and busy.  No health care.

The other one I'm about ready to PEE MYSELF I want it so bad.  So, so, so bad.  And it's an actual Social Work job... ahhhhh.  It just looks incredibly fabulous and the people seem really nice and real and the caseload is only like 10-15 families which is not bad at ALL. 

I want this job SO BAD.  Like... I'm about ready to buy them baked goods.  AND the state of Wyoming knows how pricey it is to live in Teton County, so they have a housing stipend that would cover our rent (!!!!!!!)

Sooooooooooooooo baaaaaaaadddddddddd.

If we get it, we'd set aside my paychecks and pay off our loan (we may be able to pay them all off in the next two years if I got this job) and we'd live off of Bryan's.  And if we had that kind of money Bryan says I can buy a bread maker/machine/thing!!  Okay, even if I don't get this job I'll probably get one, but I could get a NICER one if I get this job.  Fresh, delicious bread.  It sounds heavenly, and a lot easier than kneading the dough.

I have sensitive fingers, what can I say?

We'd also get... wait for it... wait for it...

A sofa cover!!

I know.  We live crazy, dangerous lives.


  1. That's soooo exciting! Congrat Bryan & good luck Jess on gtting the job you want! Love ya!

  2. Whoa, living on the edge!! lol. Good for you guys, I hope everything works out okay!