Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Interviewing = Pain

I had another interview today.  I am not interested in that job, either.  It doesn't pay well.  It was awkward.  The woman's questions were about being late to work, reasons that are appropriate for not showing up to work, when I've just skipped work....  It was weird.  I felt like I kept saying things that were very Sunday School (isn't the answer always Jesus?!) but they were true!  No, I don't make it a habit to show up late to work; sometimes I'm a couple minutes late, yes, but this woman was talking like an HOUR late, which is ludicrous.  No, I don't just occasionally NOT show up for work.  What sorts of people has this gal had working for her in the past??

She asked almost NO questions about my past work experience in an office, although she did ask what I thought about gossip (harmful) and if I had a sense of humor (please, I'm har-lar-ious). Very strange.  I even brought her a copy of the reservation manual I made at my current job - nothing.  Didn't even glance at it.

So yeah.  Don't think I want that.

I went into work feeling sort of discouraged.  I feel like I have to prostitute myself in some ways to these people.  It's really hard when I show up to the above interview, which was a bit of a train wreck, and I'm informed that the starting wage is $4 less an hour than I make now, and that 30 people are being interviewed.


I know the economy is bad right now, but SERIOUSLY?  It's sad that I feel like I have make this woman like me, when she hasn't told me what kind of work it is, and when I know it pays a lot less than I'd like to make.  Yet I still feel the need to be perfect and to please her, because she has the job (job=power) and I need a job and there are dozens of people vying for the same position.  Difficult.  And the listing in the newspaper said "competitive pay."  Competitive with who?? McDonalds?

So yeah.  I was bummed when I got to work.  But I got happy again when I received a phone call from a local bank wanting to interview me.  They're a little more than a mile away from our apartment, and I'll be able to take the free town shuttle to work.  The trip will be about 7 minutes long.  Which is awesome, and I wouldn't have to warm up my car in the morning, and I'd save gas, and the environment would give me hugs and kisses.

Now I just have to get the job. 

The really positive thing about this situation is that I submitted my application on Monday morning, so it's only been two days and they want to interview.  I'm going to take that as a good sign.  The job is for a teller at this bank.  Bryan would be working at a competing bank, and I'm not sure if they'd care about that or not.  I love the idea of Bryan and I having the same hours, the same days off, the same sort of atmosphere.  I love working normal business hours.  I love a job with benefits.  What can I say, I'm boring.  I've been to so many interviews where I hear "this isn't a normal office job; people don't live 9-5 lives and neither do we."  They say it with such pride:  "We're different.  We're special."  And I keep thinking "But I LOVE 9-5 jobs... I love going home and having 7 hours before I have to go to bed.... I love having the weekend off.... and I love benefits.  Sorry."

So.  I have the interview on Friday, and my fingers are crossed.  I also applied to another bank just a half block down, so maybe between these two banks, I'll find a job.  Please?  PLEASE?  I'm ready to get off this prostitution train.   Please?

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