Sunday, September 12, 2010

Giveaway Winners!

Happy Sunday!!  Sunday is my Friday (since Monday is my day off) and it's going to be a beautiful day with a high of 72!!  Much nicer than the weather we've been having recently (well, the weather hasn't been all that bad, just cooler).  I'm on one of my fabulous 12 hour shifts, but I will be spending some
time today working on projects for my Etsy shop, as well as taking the laptop outside to enjoy the sunshine.  Ahhhhhh.

So I tried to do a Giveaway.

It sort of failed.  Two people entered: Stacey and Jean.  Who already leave comments so I know they read my blog.  I KNOW there are more of you out there - LURKERS.  That's okay I forgive you.  xoxo

SO.  Since Stac and Jean were the commenters, and I appreciate the time they took to enter....


Which hat do you want, ladies?  Just let me know.  And Jean, I don't think I have your new address; mind sending it to me in an email or on Facebook?  jessicamaylords (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. When you have a shop, you should bring back the hat style you made for me a few years ago... the band of recycled fabric, the poofy ball... everyone always loved it!! I'm not sure where it is now--maybe storage, after so much craziness in my life?


    I really like the purple one, it's pretty. Thanks!! Let me know if you still need my address.