Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Possiblilities

Bryan is so so cute.  Yesterday he said "it's almost your birthday, you know," to which I replied, "Wow, you're right, it's coming up pretty soon!"  "Yeah, in a week.  Haven't you been thinking about it?" he asked.  "No.  I guess I haven't really."

I'm not huge into birthdays.  I tried to make last year (my 25th) into a sort of bigger deal, and, without going into it, let's just say that it was NOT a great day.  I think I have a weirdness about my birthday (and Valentine's Day, and Christmas, to some extent) because I don't really like it when there's a lot of attention on me, or people wanting to know what I want.  I LOVE giving gifts, and I like receiving them too, but I don't like feeling like I HAVE to get a gift, or really think about what I want, or anything like that.  I know, that's confusing and weird.  I'm just strange.

Bryan told me he'd been looking into gifts for me; he's apparently willing to spend a lot more than we normally do (like, $30 tops) because we're getting bonuses next week and I've been working so much.  One of the things he mentioned was something I posted on my blog just a few days ago... a painting by Geoff Benzing.  Crazy, right??  He knows that I've loved Geoff's work for quite a while.  He also mentioned that eventually he'd like our home to be more "grown-up" and thinks that acquiring some art would be a great start.  He told me that I'd have to pick out what I want, if that IS what I want, since it's a bigger purchase.  And I have no idea what to pick, or if I should go another direction.  Like I said, I don't like being the center of attention when it comes to gifts, so I'm already sort of anxious about the whole thing.

Like I said, weird.

Here is Bryan's favorite:
It's called Mammoth Family #2 and it's priced at $200.  You have to understand, I'm such a bargainista that I SERIOUSLY have a hard time spending more than $25 on anything.  No joke.  Bryan really likes this one, and it's actually one that I posted earlier this week, so it's a possibility.

The other painting I really like is an acrylic.  It's very quirky and has a lot of color; Bryan said something along the lines of "that's going seriously artsy.  I like it." 
It's called "Elephant on a Hill" and it's one of his elephants with wheels paintings.  Like I said, very colorful and quirky.  It would definitely go with my new color scheme for the living room we're moving into - the color scheme?  COLOR.  I want a lot of color, lots of reds and blues and greens and some yellow.  And gray.  Not primary colors like a little kid's room, but rich hues.  Mr. Wheely Elephant would go well.  He's $100.

Another idea would be to go another way altogether.  We talked about giving me "IKEA money" to spend to redecorate our new apartment (we move in November 1st).  $100-$150 would go far at IKEA and would buy me a lot of frames, vases and maybe some light fixtures.  Here's sort of what I'm thinking:

all IKEA -
Now, I realize that I said "COLOR" and this is all greys and blacks and dark browns.  But I plan on painting one of our floor lamps red, and making some multicolored pillows.  Our couch is already multicolored - I haven't decided if I want to get a slipcover for it or not.  Our wall is going to be full of photographs and other art (mostly made by me, meaning... whatever I can make sure cheap that will look good).  So there will be a lot of color on the walls, and I'm even thinking of putting up curtains over the nasty looking blinds.  That's a lot of furniture for a good deal; I'm not entirely sure about the LAIVA bookcase, we'd have to see about that.  Another idea I have is buying a canvas drop cloth and painting/dying it either all 1 color and hanging it on a wall to brighten up the room, or to stencil it so it's a sort of mural.  I haven't decided.

What do you think??  The nearest IKEA is in Salt Lake, and I think Bryan wanted me to have something physically in my hands for my birthday, but that doesn't matter all that much to me.  I can't decide if I want to go with one statement painting or get some furniture.  I know IKEA isn't exactly the epitome of design, but it's a good price, and it's a great place to get simple things.  I could also go for the acrylic Geoff Benzing painting (Elephant on a Hill) and then just get the rug and coffee table.  We already have a couch, but eventually we'll probably get a loveseat; it doesn't have to be this one.  I like the gray fabric, though, and how it folds out into a simple bed.  It would be very useful if my nieces/nephews visit (not sure if it would really be comfortable for an adult).  Just not sure!!

Oh!  Did I tell you Bryan will probably be training for his job in Salt Lake??  If I don't get a job/start a job before he leaves, I'll go down with him and I'll have up to two weeks to bum around Salt Lake, visit friends, and shop.  And work on my Etsy stuff in the hotel.  I'm super excited.  I love Salt Lake, and it would be a LOT of fun!!

But seriously.  Comment and tell me what you think I should do.  I need help here.  Pretty please?  It's my birthday (next week).

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  1. If it were me I would be ALL over the furniture/ikea way cute!!!!I love that sofa