Monday, August 2, 2010

Things to do on a day off...

Today and tomorrow are Bryan and my days off.  Today Bryan is fishing with our boss, Colby, so I'm trying to figure out what to do.  So far I'm getting my craft on, making a sign for my friend Jean's soon-to-be-born-baby-girl Jewel.  Annnd watching yesterday's episode of True Blood.  And then I found out that the new season of Weeds just started, so I'll be watching that.  Eventually I think I'll ride my bike over to town and do something. 

Days off without Bryan are LAZY days.  I know I could go on a hike, but I don't like doing that by myself, especially after there was a bear attack in Yellowstone earlier this week.  Bears are freaky, man!  I'm already a little nervous about Bryan and Colby fishing in bear country.  Heeeere Mr Bear, gotcha this nice fishie with a side of huuuuman....

Today is my mom's birthday and I did get her a present, but haven't sent it yet.  So.  Does that discount the points of getting her something pretty?  Hope not!

And so far today I've had two chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.  I have to stop baking, especially when it all stays here in the house... bad, bad idea.

Since this is a boring entry, here's a (somewhat) random picture:

My mom when she was about my age!  Not sure what's up with perms...  This picture is better than some.  Whatevs, she's hot.  Happy Birthday Mom!!!

And for an even more random picture...

A somewhat bent/cropped/blurry picture of Docker as a puppy.  I miss my puppies!!  Can't wait until we get our own dog someday!

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  1. Aw yeay for a new sign to put in the girls' room! : ) and I do the same thing when I am bored...BAKE! When I am not preggers I am going to try to start doing my baking with things like whole wheat flour and splenda and applesauce....but for now I am too poor and too pregnant to think about such healthy things : )