Friday, August 13, 2010

Running: How I Suck.

I've gotten SUPER lazy with my running.  I was never super hard core, but I seriously just STOPPED running for at least a month and a half.  I'm trying to build back up, but the most I can do right now without stopping is a mile.  And it's a slooooow mile.

To give myself a bit of motivation, I bought some new yoga pants to run in online.  Yesterday Victoria's Secret had free shipping, so I got two of these on clearance:

Victoria's Secret
Apparently, the totally flat tummy doesn't automatically come with the pants.  Crap.

I'm hoping that these will inspire me to run even on the cooler days.  I have some long yoga pants but I find them a little more difficult to run in.  I can also wear these under my jeans on really really cold days, or layer them for skiing and such (because I'm going to attempt that again this year).  For $10, they didn't break the bank.  Oh.  And did I mention my new work schedule??

My manager informed me that we'd be cutting back hours come September, and I sort of assumed that.  What I didn't assume is that I would most likely be getting 30-35 hours a week, instead of 40.  The only way I could keep 40 hours in September was to work 50 hours a week for the rest of August.  Two of our office workers went back to school, so we're hiring a new gal who will just be working here for about 6 weeks.  Apparently it wouldn't be fair to cut back on our office hours and not cut back on each office worker's hours equally.


I'm on my second 13 hour day.  Yep.  Pretty much just hang out for a full day downstairs in the office.  I'm moved from the desk to the recliner, and I've brought crafts.  It's getting to be the slower season, so we don't get as many calls.  I'll be doing back-to-back 13 hour days until September, when they'll become 11 hour days (which for some reason seems a LOT easier).  While it means less time out of the office, and more time sitting here bored, it also means more CASH.  And since this is working more than we have planned in our budget, it's MY discretionary income.  So yesterday I bought yoga pants.  And I need to get a winter jacket, eventually.  And the rest of it I'm saving up as a vacation fund, whether Bryan goes with me or not.  Not sure where I'll go or with whom, but I'm saving.

And in the mean time, attempting to run.


  1. Hahaha.
    I love how shopping gets you running. :)

    Hope you can pick it up again!

  2. Hahaha I know I'm such a freaking dork. Seriously. I have a lot of cute hand-me-down running clothes and I felt so much more motivated once I actually had exercise clothes. It doesn't make sense, I know.