Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Project 365: 2

Today's Project 365 is brought to you by the sounds "Duh" and "pressing."  A sound for each separate picture.

This is my bike.  I had an awesome plan to put it on the bike rack, drive up to Bradley/Taggart Lake Trail head, and ride my bike to Jenny Lake , where I'd visit Kendra.  It would give me exercise, AND it would get me out of the house.

These clouds rolled in as I struggled to get my bike rack to work.  It would not.  And now that little patch of blue is dark, and it's raining.  And I need friends, so I actually have a reason to do something when Bryan isn't around.  Something besides watch tv, do dishes, or start another crafty project.  I'm in Jackson.  I should be out there, enjoying the scenery.  But hiking by yourself just gets really, really dull after a while.

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