Friday, August 13, 2010

Project 365: 10

My boss's car.  SexXxy.
Sorry today's post came so late.  I did NOT feel well today.  I'd had stomach pains for about a week now, and they got really painful within in the last day or so.  Today it got so bad that I almost cried, seriously.  It hurt right under my rib cage, and got so bad it started to radiate to my back and up my throat.  It was not fun.  I went upstairs (I work in the basement of a lodge) and spoke with the two ladies there.  I figured they were both moms, so they'd be at least comforting, if not helpful.  Janet called to see when the free clinic was open (Tuesday; not happening) and then called her daughter, who is a nurse practioner.  She seemed to think it was nasty acid reflux/heartburn, and told me to take some Prilosec OTC.  Apparently it takes a few days to work, so I don't feel totally better, but I'm feeling much better than I did this morning, when I was slumped over on the recliner feeling like a baby. 

I also apparently am getting pinkeye... maybe?  My eye had gunk on it and it was red.  That's stupid.  Apparently contact solution can help with that, so I'm going for that at the moment. 

I worked 13 hours today, and 13 yesterday.  Tomorrow I work only 9 hours, and I think that will feel pretty darn good.  So all in all, not the BEST day, but I ended it with a nice long bath with bubbles and epsom salt, some tea, and some ice cream.  Not that bad, not that bad.

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