Friday, August 27, 2010


I have heartburn.  Didn't know what it was at first, so I pretty much complained for days until it got so bad it made me want to cry, and then I asked a couple of moms and they said "That sounds like heartburn."  SERIOUSLY!??!  I thought heartburn was a bummer but this is PAINFUL.  I took Prilosec for 14 days and it STILL is bothering me. 

However.  It may be my fault since I've had coffee, soda, hamburgers, pizza, french fries, pulled pork and garlic bread this week.  I think my stomach is retaliating.  So Bryan told me I have to be careful and drink lots of milk and licorice tea and stay AWAY from the alcohol/coffee/caffeine/bubbley type drinks.  Bummmmmmer.  Fo realz.  He even told me that I should reconsider our night out at Thai Me Up, but I said there is NO WAY I'm just skipping Thai food (my fave) and that I'd get Pad Thai instead of curry, and I wouldn't ask them to make it spicy (I LOVE SPICY FOOD!!!).

So.  Yeah.  AND he made me eat applesauce last night because I was in pain and apparently that helps.  But I can feel my tummy being all churny right now, and I can feel that my esophagus is PISSED at me.  LAME.

So for breakfast I had like 10 pieces of watermelon and I've been peeing a lot. 

AND NO I AM NOT PREGNANT.  (sorry).  Everytime something slightly not normal happens (I'm dizzy, have a headache, feel sick, want a burrito BAD!!!) people ask if I'm preggo.

I'm not. 

So yeah.  That's as good an excuse as any not to be awesome at blogging this week, PLUS my folks are in town, so boo-yah.

I worked 12 hours yesterday and didn't get to see them for more than an hour (boohisss) but I only work until 2 today, and I get to see them after that, which is super nice.  Except that we were supposed to get Signal Mountain Nachos and Blackberry Margaritas.  Both of which are probably NoT a wise idea.  Dang!!

In other news, I'm at my job, and so far today I've:

Done my job
Edited/Updated Bryan's resume (I'm better at it than him, I think)
Edited Bryan's cover letter
Found Bryan 4 jobs to apply to (we lose our seasonal jobs come October)
Applied for a Social Work job with the state of Wyoming (not even sure that I totally want it, but it would actual be using my degree)
Ate a freakton amount of watermelon

So yeah.  There you go.

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