Saturday, August 7, 2010

Migraine, or "Little Vegas in my brain."

I had a migraine at work today.  I sort of wondered if I'd get a migraine this month, since my menstrual cycle was super weird last month.  I get them occasionally when my hormones go on the fritz, but this was a lot later than I thought it would be.

I started to get the beginnings of migraine aura; I couldn't read the words on the computer, and I couldn't concentrate, which are my first big clues.  I called my boss (I work alone) and said, "Hey, getting a migraine, may not answer the phone for a half hour until I can see again."  Yep.

Don't get migraines, or don't get them with aura?  Here's what aura looks like when I get migraines:

AND apparently migraine with aura is linked to possible brain damage later in life.

That's lame.  My mom and I both get migraine with aura.  Brain damage is DUMB.

So yeah.  I'm sitting here at work with a tap tap tap tap OW tap tap tap tap in my head.  And my vision is still a bit blurry.  So that sucks.  But at least I only get them once every few months.  And now you know what aura looks like.  I know.  What an exciting post.

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