Thursday, August 12, 2010

Camping and fishing!

Bryan took me camping and fishing for our days off this week.  We drove down by Pinedale, about two hours away from Jackson, and camped next to the Green River.  Bryan taught me how to fly fish and THAT was a different experience than "spinner fishing."  I got a few bites when we started and then nothing for quite a while.  I had been standing on the bank of the river, and Bryan finally convinced me to wade out into the river, and that helped a bit.  The water was pretty low, as I was about a fourth of the way into the river and it was only up to mid-thigh.  I actually got a fish on the hook, and then couldn't bring it in.  Bryan didn't really teach me that part of it... I raised the pole when he nibbled, but then lower it again and broke the tension.  No fishy for me.  I got to see him for the short time I DID have him on the hook, though!  He wasn't big, maybe 8 inches?  It was pretty neat though, and it was really beautiful there.

Bryan getting the gear ready
 We had decided to camp and got all of our stuff all set and in the car.  Car camping is so much easier than backpacking, but it means we are a LOT less organized.  When we finished camping it looked like it was going to rain, and there were some other clouds further on the horizon.  We kept going back and forth as to whether or not we wanted to camp, when Bryan said we should just go for it.  We started setting up the tent, and drops started falling...

We scrambled to finish setting up the tent, put stuff in the car, and then we got in the car to wait out the rain.  It wasn't a very long wait; fifteen minutes at the most. We sat in the car and ate Cheetos (all natural cheddar, might I add...)

As soon as the rain ended it was great the rest of the night.  We heard coyotes quite a number of times, but not close, and I don't think they're dangerous.  We could hear stuff moving around the tent, but I think they were mostly ground squirrels.

The next morning Bryan got up around 8 to go fishing again.  I slept in until about ten, which was awesome.  At least twelve hours of sleep, which I definitely needed.  The next morning I crawled out of my tent and saw this:


We knew cows grazed in the area, as we saw a number of cowpies, but I did NOT expect them to graze so close to the tent!!

I decided to be a nice wifers and tear down camp and repack the car before I went out to find Bryan.  He was quite a ways down the river, about a mile or so.  We walked back and he was already complaining about tearing down camp and repacking the car, when all he really WANTED was a nice burger.  We got back to the site and he was pleasantly surprised to see all he had to do was get in the car and find a restaurant!

We at at Cafe on Pine in Pinedale, and they had YUMMY food.  I had the California burger and it was very, very tasty.  Excellent after-camp food, especially as we had really only had White Cheddar Cheetos (all natural) the day before.  Tasty tasty!

We left Cafe on Pine and went on to our next adventure... Ghost towns....

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