Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Project 365: 20

Camera phone pic of Bryan on top of Signal Mountain

Monday, August 30, 2010

And I'm back

I just put my folks on a plane about an hour ago.  Bryan went off to work (late start today, the 9:30am trip was canceled due to this rain we've been having the last three days, and no one booked the 1:30pm) and I just got back from the library and the post office.  At the post office I got a lovely letter from a Ms. Kati Standefer, which is always lovely, as well as a dress I let her borrow.  At the library I got a book that was on hold:  "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall.  I had read half of it in Humboldt but never finished it, so I'm looking forward to that.

It was really really great to see my family.  I miss them quite a lot.  It's lovely knowing that I'll see my parents, and possibly Dave and Stac, in just a few months when we come through Chicago on our way to Myrtle Beach.  We had a lovely time, despite the rain.  I'll be posting some pictures of the visit throughout the week.

Bryan got a call for an interview with Wells Fargo today; he applied to be a banker, which would be interesting.  I'm not sure he'd love it, but it pays quite well, and it would be full time.  I applied to a social work job with the state of Wyoming in Child Welfare this week that I'm not sure I want... it would be HARD, but it could be amazing as well.  I think I'm afraid to do something that is actually related to my degree because I may hate it, or I may realize that I love it so much that I'll want to get my master's, which I just don't know if I want to do.  I'm also looking to apply to be a legal secretary (could be super interesting!) and to work at a few hotels.  I'm not sure if I want a year-round job or a seasonal job more.  Working at the float trip company is so darn easy, and I'm good at it, and I get paid very well for what I actually do.  So I may want to do it again next year.

Speaking of work.  We hired a girl a couple of weeks ago when two of the other gals left to go to school, and the new girl was very flaky.  She showed up late multiple times and pretty much talked like a Valley girl supposedly talks.  Then she quit.  Then she unquit.  Then she quit again.  All within a week. 

Now that she's gone (woohoo!!) it means I'll have to pick up some hours, which isn't bad, as it's only for a month.  That said, there's a good chance I'll be working 60 hour work weeks for the next month.  Yikes.  The money will be excellent though, and I'm excited about that.

I've been trying to find a way to make money do the thing I love to do: being all crafty.  I had a few ideas for a while but they aren't panning out the way I thought they would originally.  When I calculated how much I'd actually make verses how long it would take, it didn't make sense.  I have another idea that my family is being really supportive of, and we'll see how that goes.  It has definite potential and would be fun to do, plus the profit margin would be pretty nice.  With me not LOVING winter, it will be good to have a 'job' on the side that I can both ENJOY and do at home.

I'm worried about the winter being terribly lonely, but Bryan isn't so worried, and I suppose that is a good thing.  Today is quite cold, about 50 degrees, and it's rainy and cloudy and it makes me more worried about the majority of the year when it's not warm and sunny.  We will see.  I'm trying to accept Bryan's optimism as truth.

This evening I think I'm going to sit down with some yarn and knit a multi-colored scarf.  And that's all I pretty much plan on doing.  I promise tomorrow I will start posting more, including pictures.  Thank you for your patience with me this week!

Friday, August 27, 2010


I have heartburn.  Didn't know what it was at first, so I pretty much complained for days until it got so bad it made me want to cry, and then I asked a couple of moms and they said "That sounds like heartburn."  SERIOUSLY!??!  I thought heartburn was a bummer but this is PAINFUL.  I took Prilosec for 14 days and it STILL is bothering me. 

However.  It may be my fault since I've had coffee, soda, hamburgers, pizza, french fries, pulled pork and garlic bread this week.  I think my stomach is retaliating.  So Bryan told me I have to be careful and drink lots of milk and licorice tea and stay AWAY from the alcohol/coffee/caffeine/bubbley type drinks.  Bummmmmmer.  Fo realz.  He even told me that I should reconsider our night out at Thai Me Up, but I said there is NO WAY I'm just skipping Thai food (my fave) and that I'd get Pad Thai instead of curry, and I wouldn't ask them to make it spicy (I LOVE SPICY FOOD!!!).

So.  Yeah.  AND he made me eat applesauce last night because I was in pain and apparently that helps.  But I can feel my tummy being all churny right now, and I can feel that my esophagus is PISSED at me.  LAME.

So for breakfast I had like 10 pieces of watermelon and I've been peeing a lot. 

AND NO I AM NOT PREGNANT.  (sorry).  Everytime something slightly not normal happens (I'm dizzy, have a headache, feel sick, want a burrito BAD!!!) people ask if I'm preggo.

I'm not. 

So yeah.  That's as good an excuse as any not to be awesome at blogging this week, PLUS my folks are in town, so boo-yah.

I worked 12 hours yesterday and didn't get to see them for more than an hour (boohisss) but I only work until 2 today, and I get to see them after that, which is super nice.  Except that we were supposed to get Signal Mountain Nachos and Blackberry Margaritas.  Both of which are probably NoT a wise idea.  Dang!!

In other news, I'm at my job, and so far today I've:

Done my job
Edited/Updated Bryan's resume (I'm better at it than him, I think)
Edited Bryan's cover letter
Found Bryan 4 jobs to apply to (we lose our seasonal jobs come October)
Applied for a Social Work job with the state of Wyoming (not even sure that I totally want it, but it would actual be using my degree)
Ate a freakton amount of watermelon

So yeah.  There you go.

Project 365: 18

Coly and Stu at Mom and Dad Lords' house.  They're so silly.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Project 365: 17

Bryan and Dad playing "The Great Dal Muti" at Bryan's folks' house

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I suck

And I will continue to suck at blogging this week.  My folks are in town.  So.  Sorry.  :-)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Never Alone

Apparently I'm three years late, because this song was popular in 2007, but whatevs.  I heard it for the first time a month ago; it's actually my brother-in-law Stuart's ringtone.  I've had it in my head since then.  It's such a beautiful song.  They're a country band, which is a genre I'm kind of "ehh" about in general, but it's so lovely.

Project 365: 16

While waiting in construction on Togwotee Pass

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project 365: 15

Somewhere near Dubois.  If you haven't noticed, I'm not necessarily TAKING a picture every day, just posting ones that are recent.  Why?  My daily life revolves around working in a basement, watching tv, and waiting for someone to call.  And this week I'm doing that for 66 hours.  So.  Yeah.  You're getting RECENT pictures, not ones taken today.  Deal?

Bryan's Photo

Here's one of the pictures Bryan took of me on our camping/fishing/ghost town adventure.  You may recognize the stairwell.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Project 365: 14

Driving back from Lander, Wyoming, to Jackson

Miner's Delight

Bryan and I went to Miner's Delight, which is an actual ghost town in central Wyoming.  No one lives there, and it's now part of the State Park system.  We were the only people there when we went.  It was really neat!

The first house we came to upon entering Miner's Delight

I probably wouldn't stay here overnight, and not just because the whole place feels like a horror movie.
Classy out house
Bryan totally wanted to move here, and I was all "nope."
Yes there are two pictures of Bry, I think he's cute, get over it.
A closed mine shaft

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Project 365: 13

Bryan all packed for his 'guys' hiking trip with Cody and Greg.  They left yesterday and come back later tonight.  I'm glad; I hate sleeping alone!!  I stayed up until almost two last night because I don't like going to bed by myself.  Marriage has spoiled me I suppose.  I'll be happy to have my Bryan back tonight.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Wes Anderson Makes Stuff Pretty.

I wish life looked/felt a bit more like a Wes Anderson movie.

I freaking love his movies.

The Royal Tenenbaums, for instance, has been my favorite movie since I was 18.

The Life Aquatic

The Darjeeling Limited


Fantastic Mr. Fox

Cussin' love Wes Anderson.  Love that he uses the same cast over and over, love his use of color and pattern, how he pays such attention to detail, how he makes you nostalgic for the '60s in a way that's not too specific, even if  you never lived through the sixties... love how his characters are flawed but relatable. LOVE LOVE LOVE his work.  So excellent.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

"You are wrong if you think Joy emanates only or principally from human relationships. God has placed it all around us. It is in everything and anything we might experience. We just have to have the courage to turn against our habitual lifestyle and engage in unconventional living." - Chis McCandless, as recounted by Jon Krakauer in his book based on Chris' life, "Into the Wild"
 This was one of my favorite quotes in college.  I still like it, but more and more I realize that I really AM an extrovert in that I NEED people.  Joy may not emanate only from human relationships; I have many things that I find joy in.  But for me, things become MORE joyful when they are shared.  Which means that I'm having a lot of less-than-optimally-joyful experiences in Jackson.

I love Jackson.  I do, a whole lot.  But I don't have any close friends besides my husband.  And that's super hard for me.  I work in the office all day by myself; 50 hours a week sitting in a basement by myself.  I love my job -- it's super easy, I don't have to do a whole lot, I get to watch a ton of tv or read or crochet.  But it's done... alone.

Bryan works longer hours than I do.  I get off work at 3pm on Sundays and spend 3pm-8pm... alone.  Now that I've upped my hours, I have less time at home alone, but I still have Wednesday and Saturday from when I wake up until 1pm.... alone.  It doesn't sound like that much time, but when you count that plus the 50 hours at work alone... I get lonely, I seriously get lonely.  And as dumb as it sounds, it really does affect my self-image, in some ways.  I think to myself, "I'm hella frickin fun.  Why am I not hanging out with people??"

Bryan works with people all day.  He is rarely by himself.  Plus, he's an introvert, so he needs to be alone to 'recharge his batteries.'  So he doesn't really get that I'm having a hard time.  He GETS it, but he doesn't really understand my issue so much.  I don't know if he can, really.  He just thinks I'm feeling sad for myself.  And I totally am.  But there are things I wanted to do this summer that I just don't want to do alone, especially hikes.  I don't hike alone.  Don't want to be bear meat or piss off a moose. 

I need to get better at being alone outside my house.  I sort of suck at it, unless I'm running or something.  I laid outside the other day and got some sun, and went again a few days later and laid out and read.  That in itself was sort of hard for me to do.  I just like being around people and talking to people and sharing the things I love with people.  So it's hard for me to not do that.

I thought about going to yoga classes or something like that, but Bryan said that won't really be the best place to meet people since you're not really talking much.  He said we'd look for a church come October, which would be good.  I am starting to miss church (not that much, but a bit), and as Bryan said, "people there feel morally obligated to be friends with you," which is funny, and sort of true.  Hopefully we find a church that isn't super lame and isn't super legalistic or conservative.  I doubt that will happen really.  But maybe we'll find something that's sort of okay. 

So yeah.  That's my pity party.  I miss friends.  Obviously I miss the friends I already have that aren't here, but I also just miss HAVING friends to hang out with.  And I miss Molly a lot.  Really wish she was coming back instead of staying in Chicago and having to get a divorce (still a little pissed about that).  But my mom is flying in on Saturday, and my dad is flying in on Monday, and I'm working the next two days (my days off) so I can get two more days off while they are here.

And that's something.

Pity party is now over.

Project 365: 12

I've been periodically drawing this dove on my wrist or hip since sophomore year of college. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Project 365: 11

I got these three skirts and a tank from the community garage sale for $1 total.  I think I'll keep the blue one as an actual skirt; the other two are silk and I think I will be using them to make pillows possibly.  Not a bad deal.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Project 365: 10

My boss's car.  SexXxy.
Sorry today's post came so late.  I did NOT feel well today.  I'd had stomach pains for about a week now, and they got really painful within in the last day or so.  Today it got so bad that I almost cried, seriously.  It hurt right under my rib cage, and got so bad it started to radiate to my back and up my throat.  It was not fun.  I went upstairs (I work in the basement of a lodge) and spoke with the two ladies there.  I figured they were both moms, so they'd be at least comforting, if not helpful.  Janet called to see when the free clinic was open (Tuesday; not happening) and then called her daughter, who is a nurse practioner.  She seemed to think it was nasty acid reflux/heartburn, and told me to take some Prilosec OTC.  Apparently it takes a few days to work, so I don't feel totally better, but I'm feeling much better than I did this morning, when I was slumped over on the recliner feeling like a baby. 

I also apparently am getting pinkeye... maybe?  My eye had gunk on it and it was red.  That's stupid.  Apparently contact solution can help with that, so I'm going for that at the moment. 

I worked 13 hours today, and 13 yesterday.  Tomorrow I work only 9 hours, and I think that will feel pretty darn good.  So all in all, not the BEST day, but I ended it with a nice long bath with bubbles and epsom salt, some tea, and some ice cream.  Not that bad, not that bad.

Running: How I Suck.

I've gotten SUPER lazy with my running.  I was never super hard core, but I seriously just STOPPED running for at least a month and a half.  I'm trying to build back up, but the most I can do right now without stopping is a mile.  And it's a slooooow mile.

To give myself a bit of motivation, I bought some new yoga pants to run in online.  Yesterday Victoria's Secret had free shipping, so I got two of these on clearance:

Victoria's Secret
Apparently, the totally flat tummy doesn't automatically come with the pants.  Crap.

I'm hoping that these will inspire me to run even on the cooler days.  I have some long yoga pants but I find them a little more difficult to run in.  I can also wear these under my jeans on really really cold days, or layer them for skiing and such (because I'm going to attempt that again this year).  For $10, they didn't break the bank.  Oh.  And did I mention my new work schedule??

My manager informed me that we'd be cutting back hours come September, and I sort of assumed that.  What I didn't assume is that I would most likely be getting 30-35 hours a week, instead of 40.  The only way I could keep 40 hours in September was to work 50 hours a week for the rest of August.  Two of our office workers went back to school, so we're hiring a new gal who will just be working here for about 6 weeks.  Apparently it wouldn't be fair to cut back on our office hours and not cut back on each office worker's hours equally.


I'm on my second 13 hour day.  Yep.  Pretty much just hang out for a full day downstairs in the office.  I'm moved from the desk to the recliner, and I've brought crafts.  It's getting to be the slower season, so we don't get as many calls.  I'll be doing back-to-back 13 hour days until September, when they'll become 11 hour days (which for some reason seems a LOT easier).  While it means less time out of the office, and more time sitting here bored, it also means more CASH.  And since this is working more than we have planned in our budget, it's MY discretionary income.  So yesterday I bought yoga pants.  And I need to get a winter jacket, eventually.  And the rest of it I'm saving up as a vacation fund, whether Bryan goes with me or not.  Not sure where I'll go or with whom, but I'm saving.

And in the mean time, attempting to run.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Project 365: 9

Bryan taking a picture of me taking a picture

South Pass City

After our day of fishing and our night camping, we drove towards Lander, Wyoming, and visited South Pass City.  Here's what Wikipedia says about South Pass City ("Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject. So you know you are getting the best possible information," - Michael Scott, 'The Office'):
South Pass City sprang into existence as a stage and telegraph station on the Oregon Trail during the 1850s. The site of this first settlement was about 9 miles south of present-day South Pass City at what is today known as Burnt Ranch. Burnt Ranch was located where the Emigrant Trails crossed the Sweetwater River for the last time and ascended toward South Pass.[2]
In 1866 gold was discovered in the vicinity, and a year later prospecting began on what would become the Carissa mine. Prospectors and adventurers quickly arrived and founded what is today known as South Pass City. Within a year the community's population had swelled to about 2,000. One of those who arrived in 1869 was Esther Hobart Morris. In 1870 she was the first woman in the U.S. to serve as a Justice of the Peace.[3] In 1869, William H. Bright, a saloon owner and representative to the Wyoming Territorial Constitutional Convention, introduced a women's suffrage clause into the territorial constitution. When the constitution was approved by Territorial Governor John A. Campbell in December 1869, Wyoming became the first U.S. territory to recognize a woman's right to vote.
Within a decade the city's population shrank dramatically as the large gold deposits that had been hoped for failed to materialize. By the mid 1870s South Pass City's population was reduced to about 100 people. Over the next century the population of South Pass City declined further and many of the city's homes, mercantile stores, hotels and saloons fell into disrepair. A few businesses continued to operate in South Pass City with the last of the pioneer families finally moving on in 1949.
At the end of the 20th century steps were taken to renew the community and turn it into a historic site. As a result the community today consists of two areas: South Pass City, in which a handful of residents live, and South Pass City State Historic Site, which preserves more than 30 historic structures dating from the city's heyday in the 1860s and 1870s. In 1970, the community was added to the National Register of Historic Places.
Sign upon entrance to South Pass City
Inside one of the closed off mines

Bryan looks like such a miner, doesn't he?

One room school house; apparently teachers were hard to come by, so occasionally children had to be sent to live with family members if they wanted to attend public school.

Old school kitchen.  Don't those green beans look REAL? (no.)

The next few pics are from a hotel that was very popular in South Pass City.  I thought the quilts were really neat, but got a bit grossed out when I read that the people who stayed here didn't have heat, and often slept in a bed with strangers to save money and keep warm.  GROSS.  And the only way to stay clean was a sponge bath.  Not sexy.  But that wallpaper is pretty awesome, I have to say.

The pitcher and wash basin is for your fabulous sponge bath.  Woohoo!!

I love this quilt.  I wish I had the patience to learn how to quilt like this.  Maybe when I'm older.

For some reason, I really like this rug.  Even though it's totally worn out.

A bar in town.  A very patriotic bar in town.

Apparently gambling was popular... and dangerous

I really like how this one came out.

Tomorrow:  Miner's Delight and pictures from the drive back to Jackson

Camping and fishing!

Bryan took me camping and fishing for our days off this week.  We drove down by Pinedale, about two hours away from Jackson, and camped next to the Green River.  Bryan taught me how to fly fish and THAT was a different experience than "spinner fishing."  I got a few bites when we started and then nothing for quite a while.  I had been standing on the bank of the river, and Bryan finally convinced me to wade out into the river, and that helped a bit.  The water was pretty low, as I was about a fourth of the way into the river and it was only up to mid-thigh.  I actually got a fish on the hook, and then couldn't bring it in.  Bryan didn't really teach me that part of it... I raised the pole when he nibbled, but then lower it again and broke the tension.  No fishy for me.  I got to see him for the short time I DID have him on the hook, though!  He wasn't big, maybe 8 inches?  It was pretty neat though, and it was really beautiful there.

Bryan getting the gear ready
 We had decided to camp and got all of our stuff all set and in the car.  Car camping is so much easier than backpacking, but it means we are a LOT less organized.  When we finished camping it looked like it was going to rain, and there were some other clouds further on the horizon.  We kept going back and forth as to whether or not we wanted to camp, when Bryan said we should just go for it.  We started setting up the tent, and drops started falling...

We scrambled to finish setting up the tent, put stuff in the car, and then we got in the car to wait out the rain.  It wasn't a very long wait; fifteen minutes at the most. We sat in the car and ate Cheetos (all natural cheddar, might I add...)

As soon as the rain ended it was great the rest of the night.  We heard coyotes quite a number of times, but not close, and I don't think they're dangerous.  We could hear stuff moving around the tent, but I think they were mostly ground squirrels.

The next morning Bryan got up around 8 to go fishing again.  I slept in until about ten, which was awesome.  At least twelve hours of sleep, which I definitely needed.  The next morning I crawled out of my tent and saw this:


We knew cows grazed in the area, as we saw a number of cowpies, but I did NOT expect them to graze so close to the tent!!

I decided to be a nice wifers and tear down camp and repack the car before I went out to find Bryan.  He was quite a ways down the river, about a mile or so.  We walked back and he was already complaining about tearing down camp and repacking the car, when all he really WANTED was a nice burger.  We got back to the site and he was pleasantly surprised to see all he had to do was get in the car and find a restaurant!

We at at Cafe on Pine in Pinedale, and they had YUMMY food.  I had the California burger and it was very, very tasty.  Excellent after-camp food, especially as we had really only had White Cheddar Cheetos (all natural) the day before.  Tasty tasty!

We left Cafe on Pine and went on to our next adventure... Ghost towns....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I was going to load lots of pictures from Bryan and my camping adventure this 'weekend' but it's taking Blogger/The Internet/Whatever a half hour to upload one silly picture.  So I quit.  I'll either update later today, at home, or tomorrow, at work.  Sorry.  Still love you.



Project 365: 8

So I tried to put a picture up last night but my computer wasn't working.  So.  I've decided I'm going to do my best, but this Project 365 thing may be more like a Project 365-spread-over-380-days thing.  Because sometimes I'm gone on my days off, and that's just how it is.

Bryan's socked foot.  Bryan's sneaker.  Bryan's bare foot with Chaco tan lines.  Bryan's fishing boots.

Monday, August 9, 2010