Monday, July 12, 2010


I know I have several regular readers, but only a couple people regularly leave comments.  So I thought I'd ask the following, if you're so willing:

How old are you?
Where are you from?
Tell me a little bit about yourself.
How did you stumble upon Like the Dawn?
What do you like about this blog?
What would you like to see more of?  Less of?
Bonus round: leave a "would you rather" question for me to answer (I LOVE would you rathers...)

Anyone who leaves a comment, I'll visit your blog/site and leave you a comment!!  I'm happy to have regular readers, I just want to know who you are!




  1. hahaha, i love these:

    Age: 22
    Where am I from?: I was born in San Diego, CA.
    Tell you a lil about myself: I love animals (especially cats), the outdoors, adventure, traveling, and books.
    How did I stumble on your blog: Faaaaaceebooook
    What do I like: The variety of topics
    What would I like to see more of: Pics
    Bonus: Would you rather have one eyebrow missing for the rest of your life, or have a unibrow for the rest of your life that you can't shave off? (lol)

  2. age: 24
    Where am I from? : I was born in Kokomo (Indiana lol)
    Tell me a lil about yourself: I have a hubby and a daughter and we are soon to become a family of four!
    How did I find your blog: Stac : )
    What do I like:the random day to day that goes on in here!
    What would I like to see more of: yea I agree with stac prolly pics
    Bonus: would you rather work till retirement and live till one hundred or never have to work again and die at 75?

  3. Somehow I knew you guys would be the only ones to comment, although my stats say more people read than just the two of you... :)

    Stac-face: One eyebrow for sure. I'd pencil in a funny one on the other side so it looks like I'm always quizzical.

    Jean-bean: Die at 75 for SURE. If I didn't have to work from now on, I'd be able to live 50 more years work-free being able to do whatever I want. Retirement COULD mean 60-65 years old... which would mean I'd only have 35-40 years work free, and I may not be in the best health to enjoy it. NO WORK!!!