Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jackson, Wyoming, OR "The Black Hole"

And I don't mean that in a bad way AT ALL.  Jackson Hole (which refers to the valley, not just the town of Jackson) is a small town but appears to be big enough to have a strong gravitational field.  Once people live there for a summer, they just can't leave.  Unless they do.  In which case, many return.  So perhaps the black hole analogy is flawed.

Out of the 10 or so people we spent the most time with in 2006, Cody, Kendra, Greg, Sarah, and Arne are back.  And my friend Ricky, who carpooled with me out here Illinois in '06, still lives here.  And a lot more of that group visits.  Apparently Jackson is just toooo sexy to stay away from for very long.

I didn't KNOW that Sarah was living here until I was grocery shopping last night and heard someone yell "Jessica!!"  And there was Sarah!!  She and her husband Arne are living in a tent (!!!!!) at the KOA this summer.  I could NOT do that, no thanks.  Love camping, but not in any sort of permanent capacity.

Oh, in case I haven't mentioned this before, some quick trivia:  I lived with 3 other girls that summer, and out of the four of us, 3 got married to guys they met that summer WITHIN A YEAR!  Other people who met their spouse and got married within a year or two of Jackson Summer 2006:  Cody & Kendra, Laina & Kody, Jana & Kyle, Caitlin & Andrew.

Apparently there was something in the water.

Now I just hope we can find real jobs for the winter.  Fingers crossed!

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