Friday, July 9, 2010

Don't Read This, Dad

Yeah you heard me.  Don't read this.

I'm considering getting a tattoo.  This will NOT please my dear father.  I would wait at least a year before I actually GOT it, though.  Pretty sure.

I think I want a feather on my foot.  I wanted it on the inside of my foot, right at the arch, but apparently that wears off a lot.

Something along these lines:

A feather.  HOT. 

You can go back to reading my blog, Dad.


  1. aww fun! any reason for a feather??? Did you know Jamie dabbles in tattoo art...yes he has a tattoo gun : ) lol Top of the foot is better....I heard some artists wont do the bottom because of how it can wear off....looks cute though!

  2. Well... I like how the feather looks really soft, but it's still a tattoo. I originally thought of getting a tree if I ever got a tattoo, but that's been done a lot, and I haven't seen as many plain feathers - I've seen lots of Native American-inspired feathers, but not just a simple, almost scientific sketch. I like the idea of something natural, and I love the idea of something soft and light and feminine. I love bird tattoos, but I know a lot of people who have those as well. I think the feather is a little different while still being along the same lines. I'm considering incorporating the word "shalom" into it as well, as I really love the meaning (peace, harmony, harmony between people, God, the earth, wholeness...). I also like how some of the above tattoos almost look like pen/pencil sketches. I still don't know if I'd get one... I'm hesitant about putting something something permanent on my body. But if it's on my foot it seems like less of a HUGE commitment. It's still for life, but it's little, and can be covered with shoes...

    I know Jamie did Dave and Stac's tattoos on their ring fingers. That's a serious hobby right there!! I would totally freak myself out and make a mistake on someone and it would totally be permanent. I'm impressed he has such control, that's a serious skill!!

  3. lol he still needs to fill those back in....Im going to remind him of that right now : )