Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Backpacking Trip

Oh yeah!  I didn't die on my backpacking trip.  We hiked/camped in the Palisades in Swan Valley, Idaho.  The trip was about 15 miles in all, and I kicked butt.  Didn't slow anyone down, didn't have problems with my pack (once Bryan situated it correctly so it didn't hurt) and didn't get hurt.  Success!

Second day of hiking; this is right after camping at Lower Palisade Lake.  I was so exciting there was an 'outhouse' close to our site!!  In reality, it was a toilet seat on a platform over the ground with walls on two sides; it was still nice to have two walls!  It afforded a TINY bit of privacy for pooping.

We saw a LOT of moose.

Upper Palisades Lake is reaaaalllly beautiful.  Bryan caught two fish!  And then released them back in the water.

We found this skull hanging on a tree branch at our campsite.  The previous camp site had a elk jaw bone.  Kinda weird and kinda cool.

The next outhouse had three walls and a door!  Woohoo!!!  Still just a hole above the ground but whatevs.

The last day hike back - 7.5 miles both ways.  The last mile of the hike was HARD but everyone says that's just how it goes; you're ready to go home, you're tired, you're starting to chafe, and you just want to be done!

Back at the car, full of satisfaction and hurting a bit...  We got some delicious peanut butter chocolate fudge shakes on the way back to Jackson, though; that helped.

All in all my first backpacking trip was a complete success, and I can't wait to do another one soon!!

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