Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Avett Brothers - You can thank me later.

If you haven't heard the Avett Brothers yet, you need to fix that IMMEDIATELY.  They're definitely in my top five bands eva eva.  So, so, so great.  Seriously.  And look how cute they are!


Their most recent album, "I and Love and You" is just plain amazing. Folk/bluegrass/grunge/pop/punk? Ish? It's fabulous, that's it.  Check out this player to hear their stuff; I recommend "I and Love and You" (the song), "January Wedding" and "Kick Drum Heart" to start off with.  It's hard NOT to dance to them, especially "Kick Drum Heart."  Their lyrics are FANTASTIC (check out the lyrics to "Ill with Want") and they're just so lovable.  Bryan took me to see them earlier this year (or maybe late last year?) and they were so so great live, excellent stage presence and energy.  They actually sang a song that was beautiful I cried; listen to that one as well, it's towards the bottom of the player and it's called "Murder in the City."  Oh whatever, I'll make it even easier to hear them (and see them):

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