Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekday Veg

I know there are a lot of us out there who want to reduce the amount of meat that we eat.  Bryan and I have been trying to eat meat only a few times a week.  This past week hasn't been so good... I bought bacon to put in my baked potato soup, I used chicken broth for my orzo, and I ate a hot dog last weekend.  Not too great.  Not terrible, though...

I think there are so many reasons to cut back on meat.  Meat production has astronomical affects on the environment, it's not that great for us, and it costs money.  Add in the unethical treatment of animals in factory farms and you have really good reasons to go veg, or at least PARTIALLY veg.  I personally am not interested in cutting all meat out of my diet; I like meat.  I really do.  Carnitas is my favorite Mexican dish.  Chicken panang curry is my favorite Thai dish.  And a hamburger?  Ohhhh I love a good hamburger.

Since I cannot commit myself to vegetarianism, I think this "Weekday Veg" plan is a good one; Bryan and I have been eating meat 'whenever' but limiting it.  It seems to work for us.  The Weekday Veg is a bit easier since you know exactly which days you CAN eat meat.  Obviously, you don't have to be super strict with it, but it's a good framework.

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