Friday, June 4, 2010

Weather or not...

The weather this week (and last week) has pretty much been identical to Humboldt.  Which means that I am OVER it.

Rain.  More rain.  A little more rain.  That's what the last 8 months were like in Humboldt, and now we're getting it again.  Annoying.  Hella annoying.

We went to a friend's gallery showing tonight and that was cool.  He does amazing metalwork, creates beautiful beautiful animals out of steel.  I wish we could afford a piece of his work... maybe something 2 inches by 4 inches?  No bigger.  He makes really awesome art.  The horned owl sculpture on driftwood was my favorite - graceful yet incredibly strong.

We decided to go on a walk around the square (okay, I did, I wanted some fresh air... Bryan was feeling overwhelmed by the close quarters in the gallery and wanted to go home) and we ran into two friends of mine from college who have been working out in Jackson a bit.  They mentioned a movie they were going to at a place I've never heard of - maybe a fun new date spot?

We also walked by a restaurant called e.leaven that looked really yummy and had great prices by Jackson standards.  I think we'll end up going to eat there.  They had really good sounding sandwiches and soups, and I've gotta say, I'm definitely a soup and sandwich type of girl. Apparently there's an e.leaven in Chicago too!!  Very very cool.

Tomorrow we're having a concierge party at Phil Baux park.  Free food, free beer, free prizes (but only for the concierges... boo).  One of the prizes is a MARMOT PRECIP JACKET with Jenny Lake Boating logo.  Yeah.  Like the $100 Marmot PreCip jacket that I've been lusting over.  Yeah.  That one.  Unfortunately the one they're giving away is an XL so it would be too big anyways.  BUT STILL.  Lucky concierges.  At least I get free other stuff.

But.  Come on sun.  Come visit us.  Need sunshine.  Need people to go on float trips.  Need people to go on float trips so Bryan can drive people and make money.  Need.  Sun.


  1. Is this Larry you're talking about? I love his stuff...Dave keeps trying to convince him to make a truck ornament, but he says no. LOL

  2. Sorry to hear Jackson's doing its June thing, Jess... the last two summers were JUST like that, hitting sun on June 14 in 2008 and June 15 in 2009 (right as I discovered the heart defect and couldn't do anything... durrrr). It's enough to drive a girl mad! (Or to drive a girl to the climbing gym. We all LIVED there.) But I promise it will end. My latest winter was a blizzard on June 22 in 2003...

    Also, I hate E.Leaven. With a passion. We just always found it really boring compared to some of the other places in Jackson---but then, they were new last winter, so maybe they've improved their brand. Let me know what you think.

    Also also. I love precips. They are worth the hundred dollars. :)

    Thinking I'll be in town the first week of July maybe?!?

  3. MAN! I was totally hoping E.Leaven was going to be awesome. Their prices are so inexpensive compared to Jackson standards! Fancy sandwichs for $7?? Nice. We're been so broke ass poor since we've been here that we've only gone out to eat twice, once at Bubbas with the guys and at Gordita's, which wasn't NEARLY as good as anyone remembered it to be. I think I'll try E.Leaven but I'll keep my hopes low.

    I totally want a PreCip. Bryan has a really great REI jacket that David and Stacey got him for Christmas, and he seriously has worn it pretty much every day since he got it. The boy LOVES it. I have a rain-ish windbreaker thing already, but it's quite big and bulky (I got it my freshman year of high school I think?) and just won't be great while backpacking, ya know? Plus, we get a 40% pro deal on Marmot!!! So. Yea. Probably going to go for it.

    I want to seeeeeeeee you. It's weird that you don't live here for the time being.

  4. Stac- Yeah it's Larry! I almost posted one of the things I found of his online but didn't want to be all weird and copywrite-infringy. He does really cool stuff!! He made this bison that's just amazing. Bryan loved the lizard he made, but the horned owl and bison are my favorites. Bryan wants to get something small made by him since his big pieces are out of our price range - which they should be, they look like a TON of work went into them. Does Dave want a truck ornament like the one Larry has on his car? The scary fishy?

  5. I think I'm going to turn my quick-weekend-pilgrimage-to-
    the-Wyoming-Range into a full on trip... I'd be in Jackson probably from the night of July 4th through the 6th or so. I'm desperately trying to make it work--I need some time there, but all my paid time off got swallowed up in the hospital visit. I'll only have 15 hours accrued at go time. (Sigh.) So. Updates to come. Hopefully we can burly up a mountain together or eat Billy's in the square. Aww, just like old times.

  6. Yeah, he was looking at the scary fish for a while. I hear you about his prices though - beautiful pieces, not so beautiful price tag. I also just feel like on a big truck, the scary fish works. For our little truck, it would just look like a little truck that's trying to be a big truck. You know what I mean?

  7. I tried to post this last night, but the site wouldn't let me. Lame.

    Yeah, Dave's a big fan of the scary fish. But, as nice as it is, I think it would look out of place on our truck. It would look like it was a little truck trying to be a big truck, you know?

  8. I feel self conscious now but I like e.leaven lol. I haven't tried much but the Reuban is really good. One of my favorite sandwich spots is definitely The Bread Basket though. No place to sit and they only accept cash- but they're sandwiches are oh so good- and affordable- I think the most expensive ones are 6.50.