Sunday, June 13, 2010


The ocean is such a wonderful, magical, sometimes scary, place.  If you have ever been snorkeling or scuba-diving, you know this.  It's amazing what can be found just underwater.  For instance, this is my sea turtle friend:

This picture was taken on a cruise that my family went on in January of 2009.  I giggled a whole lot, because when in the world do you get to see this?!  He even let me touch him, it was really cool.  We snorkeled in a bay off St. Thomas, and this guy just swam up to us.  We saw some really amazing fish and other sea life.

Here is my sister Stacey pretending to kiss a "Donkey Dung" sea cucumber.

This guy was sooo not as cute, and although I touched him, I was not interested in holding him.  Or kissing him.  Stacey is much braver than I am.

I found this video sad and inspiring at the same time.  Make sure to watch the section on shrimp fishing, and the "garbage" that accompanies it.  It's so sad how much we take for granted; the animals that have to die as a result of our idiocy.  I see nothing wrong with fishing on a small scale, but obviously, some things need to change.

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