Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My friend Linds is in town this week, and we've been having so much fun.  My new friend Molly is in town for the next month, and I'm sooo excited. She is just so much fun and I want her to move here.  She's visiting her husband, who she's sort of been separated from (not by her choice) over the last 9-10 months.  They are trying to work on their marriage, and I keep praying they'll make it work and get back together.  I know they love each other, and I know how much Molly at least believes that marriage is a covenant between two people as well as God.  AND I want Molly to stay so we can hang out all the time.

Interesting tidbit:  Molly's husband is an ex-boyfriend of mine.  I thought she'd maybe hate me but we get along so well!!

I'm so glad Linds has been able to visit.  We've had such a great time hanging out, and I could tell she really needed a vacation.  This has been her first visit to Wyoming, and we've been having a blast just hanging out, visiting Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone.  Those two girls are SO goofy, and I laughed more these past few days than I have in a very long time.  They're just so silly; I've really missed that.  I haven't had friends that goofy, who are willing to make fools of themselves in front of other people just for kicks, in years.  It's been just pure fun, and it feels like I'm back in college, in a way, even though Mol and I weren't friends in college (although we did all go to the same small school).  It's been really refreshing and rejuvenating.

Tomorrow Molly is hanging out with her hubby, so it's Lindsay and I on our own.  I'm not sure exactly what we'll do; we may hit the town square and shop a bit.  Thursday we're all hanging out in the morning, but I work at 1 until 10pm.  Which is sort of lame.  Friday we'll have all day just to hang out.  I think we're going to hike Hidden Falls and go up Cascade Canyon a bit; we're also thinking of getting one of those old West saloon girls portraits.  It will be awesome!!!

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