Sunday, June 6, 2010

Drop a Blog...

I have a new blog addiction:  STFU, Parents.

This blog takes inappropriate Facebook status updates/pictures, blurs out any specific names or places, and makes fun of parents for being any of the following:

  • disgusting
  • entitled
  • mean
  • overly cutesy
  • annoying
  • scary
You will see gems like this one:

Along with the fabulous blogthor's (yeah, that means blog author now.  That just happened) awesome commentary, like this:

"Do people not realize what SALES is anymore? Like, hellooo, I want to be sold something. You don’t just get my business because you are knowledgeable about a product and “good” at your job, ‘cause guess what? Part of being good at your job is kissing my ass. And not only my ass, but my adorable baby’s ass, too! (Seriously, you should see her little tushy - SO cute!)
Yeah, I get it; You’re available to answer any and all questions, you are more than willing to put aside your lunch break to help me stare at carpet samples, and you sincerely complimented my new sandals. GREAT. But guess what you didn’t do? Say hello to my CHILD, who is not a half-person, or some random little throwaway kid who gets a passing glance. Everyone agrees that my little angel is the cutest baby they’ve ever seen, and since you apparently don’t think that (since you didn’t wave or wink at her, or offer her a present or anything) then you won’t be getting any commission from this lady! That’s just how it is.
(submitted by Anonymous)"

Ohhhhhh the ENTITLEMENT of some people!  I just RELISH reading some of this crap!  Most of my Facebook parent friends are totally cool about being not-annoying/appropriate on Facebook, but every so often you get one that posts a picture of their kid's crap or makes a status update about the color of their kid's vomit, and that is NOT OKAY!  Do you hear me?

STFU, Parents is not a mean blog to ALL parents; if it was, I wouldn't read it.  I happen to have lots of awesome friends who have kids, and I want to be a parent myself some day.  But this website is GOLD for those of us who are sick of people over-sharing about bodily functions, or friends who say "well try having a baby on top of that!!!" every time you complain on Facebook.

Pure gold.

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