Saturday, June 26, 2010

Destruction and Diesel

My friend Lindsay and I caught the last fifteen minutes of the "Figure 8 Races" here in Jackson yesterday; it's pretty much a demolition derby but you also have to race around a track in a figure.  The car who makes the most laps and is still standing wins.

Let me tell you, it was SUPER white trash - dust flying, people screaming, gasoline smell hanging in the air... and I LOVED it.  It was freaking awesome.  We met up with Molly and Ricky (who actually paid to get in... we were cheap, thus showing up towards the end) and Molls and I decided next time they do this we're going to rock some country dresses and our cowgirl boots.  It will be EPIC.

I forgot my camera and only had my cell, so the pictures were less than spectacular.  Here is the one good shot I got:  it's a car being taken off the track because it no longer runs.  And got hit a bunch of times.  HECK. YES.

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