Monday, June 28, 2010

And We All Float On Okay.... ish

Bryan, Cody, Molly and I floated Flat Creek today.  It looks sort of like this, but this is actually south of where we got out of the river.

It was a LOT of fun, but I sort of ate it on one of the rapids.  I got sucked under the water and my tube shot away from me.  I hit my leg on a bunch of rocks and now have a fabulous bruise on my shin and ankle.  I also sort of hurt my ankle in a weird way... I didn't sprain it, it just hurts.  And I got sunburned.  But who cares because it was SUPER FUN!!!

I'm hoping that my sunburn goes down by tomorrow so I can go run outside (if my ankle feels okay) or at least go on a walk.  I'm hoping to float the creek a few times more this summer, but as the water goes down, the rapids will get crazier and crazier!  Yikes!!


  1. Does float mean you just float, lazy river style, or is there actually some paddling or steering involved?

  2. I'd say about 1/2 of it is floating lazy river style, 1/4 is rapids that you have to hold on tight so your don't flip (like I did twice) and the other 1/4 is steering so you don't hit ground/branches/rocks. It's fun but it's a bit of a workout too!!